A mid-century modern home has distinct features that any architect and designer will tell you separates it from your average living structure. You may not have every mid-century modern feature but these popular ones are sure to classify your home in the mid-century modern range.

Large Glass Paneled Windows

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Dedicating an entire wall to glass panels from ceiling to floor brings the outdoors inside. A staple of mid-century modern design.

Flat Roofs

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Classic mid-century modern homes have flat roofs with no peaks or steeples. Many are one story level with flat roofs.

Natural Cooling

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Many mid-century modern homes have windows that open on the corners to create a cross breeze that naturally cools down the home.

Radiant Floor Heating

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Instead of typical heating systems with vents that push out hot air to warm the home, mid-century modern homes install radiant floor heating underneath the floorboards that heat the home from the ground up.

Open Floor Plans

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Along with the natural cooling system, many mid-century modern homes have open floor plans with little to no walls separating from room to room specifically in the common areas such as the living room, dining room and even the kitchen.

Minimal Design

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There is very little clutter or an abundance of home accents and decor. Everything has a place that adds to the cohesiveness of the design.

Multi-functional Furniture

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Functional furniture is a large part of mid-century modern design. The ottoman can also serve as a coffee table and the daybed can also serve as a sofa. These features help to minimize on furniture by preventing too many unnecessary furnishings.

Mid-century modern furniture

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Aside from being functional, the actual style of the furniture is a large part of the homes interior design. Ergonomic furnishings characterized by geometric form and sustainable materials.

Low level Scale

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Mid-century modern interior design keeps the scale at ground to eye level. This means there isn’t a abundance of tall furnishings where your eyes are being drawn upwards. Typically, one or two pieces of wall art or accents will be thoughtfully placed to grab your attention.

Solar Panels

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Sustainable design including energy efficiency is a popular feature of mid-century modern homes. Solar Panels utilized the power of the sun to reduce the cost of electricity and to conserve power.

These are some of the most popular features of a mid-century modern home. Even if you have a few differences in your homes design, mid-century modern design is minimal, sustainable and seeks to bring the natural beauty of the outdoors inside your dwelling.

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