The housewarming party is a tradition where new homeowners invite friends, family and loved ones to warm their home with their presence. Just as importantly, it is a great opportunity to receive gifts the new homeowners can put to good use in their new space. While some gifts may be solely decorative, others can be highly useful. There are many options to consider when choosing the best housewarming gifts. This includes the best practices for the new homeowner in your life when attending their housewarming party.

What do they need?

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It never hurts to ask. A new homeowner may not have all the essentials necessary for the home. This includes kitchen appliances, electronics or even decorative wall art for their new living space. Always ask what they need and go from there.

Knowing what they have and what to buy

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Once you know what they have and what they need, which may turn out to be nothing at all, think about what you can add to the space. They may not need a new microwave but perhaps you can get them an even better model than the one they already have. There are ways to upgrade their appliances and living essentials to make their new home complete.

Decorative Gifts

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Decorative gifts can be a really fun way to get creative with housewarming presents. There are traditional gifts that are good gestures to give because they are designed to give good fortune or provide “blessings” to their new living environment. Other decorative gifts include artwork, wall art, sculptural art, candles, vases, clocks and even mirrors.

Bring an appetizer, dessert or entree

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In order to be a housewarming gift, it doesn’t have to be inedible. You can bring a homemade meal to add to the party cuisine for the night. Even a nice box of pastries from a local bakery or a cheese platter will work. Some of us feel the love through our stomachs!

Being a good guest

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Even if you come to the party empty handed, it doesn’t mean you aren’t giving back. How to give back with no gift? It is simple! At the housewarming party, offer to clean the dishes after the party is finished, cook a meal with them before the party begins or help to organize a room in their home that hasn’t been unpacked yet. Your love and care will not go unappreciated.

Housewarming is about the people, the food, the gifts and the love to be shared. There is no better way to add warmth to a new home than by the presence and kindness of family, friends and loved ones. Home Decor

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Last Modified: December 11, 2019