Why you might want to purchase a chemical free mattress: I was shocked when I did my internet research to discover just how many chemicals are present in most legally purchased mattresses. Chemicals such as fire retardants (PCBEs), boric acid, formaldehyde, antimony, toluene, styrene, and butadiene.
Obviously, these type of mattresses are not to be recommended if you are in any way allergic to these chemicals.
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A good alternative could be a natural latex mattress; that is if you are not allergic to latex.
Wool is a natural flame retardant and is a good solution for many consumers.

Chemical Free Mattress Review – Why You Should Choose Eco-Friendly Mattress Bedding

“Chemical Free Mattress?” This type of mattress is a recent issue in the mattress industry. Most people don’t realize how much the average person is exposed to chemicals in the home on a daily basis. A chemical free mattress means that the materials are free from any chemical additives, such as petroleum-based compounds or dyes.

Examples of mattress brands that have become known for this are eco-friendly polyurethane foam, all natural latex, Good Quality Natural Alternatives mattresses, and organic cotton mattresses. Many of the latest brands, however, have adopted environmentally friendly practices to also gain a “Chemical Free Mattress” label. Some examples include Yotpo verified mattress reviews, which evaluate the quality and safety of organic cotton. Yotpo also provides a coupon code that can be used when purchasing their beds.

An example of a healthier mattress is the organic and plant-based memory foam mattress. While a traditional latex mattress is composed primarily of natural chemicals, a memory foam one is composed of a natural substance derived from the rubber tree bark, which is FDA certified. Studies have found that the chemicals often found in a traditional mattress, especially the petroleum-based ones, are not only unhealthy for people, but they can be harmful to the environment and to our health.

A Yotpo mattress coupon code can be used to help you get the best price on a Yotpo mattress. You can also shop around and compare prices at many different stores and online retailers by using the coupons. A Yotpo mattress review provides information on the company’s website. If you do your homework, you can learn about the environmental and health benefits associated with having a healthier mattress and can choose a Yotpo sleep mattress or gel memory foam mattress to give back to your body.

A mattress that is made from natural products like cotton or wool are more eco-friendly. Many people still think that natural or organic mattresses are uncomfortable or even downright bad for them. But the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. A natural and organic mattress is a lot softer than its conventional counterpart. These types of mattresses often cost a bit more but they are worth the money. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to give your body the advantage it needs by choosing a natural mattress.

There are many companies out there making these type of organic mattresses. Some of the most popular and well known companies include: California Natural Health, Eco-tics, Evolution Technalon, and Earthroots. Each of these companies has been in business for many years and they continuously use the latest technology to make their products better and more comfortable for consumers. Their USA based plants use only renewable resources and chemicals are neither used nor toxic.

Oeko-tex is one company that uses sustainable resources in their foams. It is made from coconut husks that are not harmful to the environment. In fact, using them does help the environment because not as many trees are cut down to make their foams. This is beneficial because if there are fewer trees left to make cribbing foam, less trees are cut down and this means less chemicals are used to produce it. Also, we know that using chemical free products is better for our health because we can breathe easier and stay away from respiratory problems.

If you want to find out more about these and other companies that offer chemical free bedding and other products, please read our Chemical Free Mattress Review. This article was put together to help you understand how buying a chemical-free mattress can benefit you, your baby, your home, and the environment. Did you know that most people have no idea how much they are spending on mattresses every year? You can avoid spending a fortune on a synthetic mattress by learning about mattress review sites.

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