As the holidays approach, we notice our neighborhoods getting brighter with christmas lights adorning the trim of homes and cascading from front yard trees. We may be quick to box them back up once the season is over. Perhaps this year, we can put them to good use inside of our homes even when the holidays are not around. These eye-catching led lights in an array of vibrant colors make perfect bright accents for anytime of year.

Bed Canopies

Romantic Canopy Beds Ideas For Girls; canopy beds master bedroom romantic; canopy bed with lights #bedroomdecor

LED lights look phenomenal when strewn across a bed canopy draped across the ceiling and around the bed frame. Reminiscent of a fairytale, they create an inviting and whimsical design that envelopes the entirety of the bed lying beneath it. “Sweet dreams, Sleeping Beauty!”

Wrapped Around Mirrors

100 micro string lights #bedroomdecoratingideas

Surrounding your mirror with LED lights adds double brightness to the space. The lights reflect from the mirror while cascading vibrancy around the image (which is YOU, of course!) You are the star of your own show and “Darling! You look marvelous!”

Centerpieces and Mantel Accents

A simple yet festive idea: pinecones and mini lights in clear glass vases!

Place the LED lights in a homemade DIY centerpiece for the season. They add another element of eye-catching appeal to your already marvelous handmade accent. They truly come in handy for a romantic dinner at home when placed in a dining table centerpiece.

Photo Wall

THE LONGEST 50 Meter/164 Feet Micro Led Fairy string light | Etsy  - White Lights - Ideas of White Lights #WhiteLights

String the LED lights across a wall in your bedroom, living room or office. Attach photos to the strings using a fastener such as clothespins to light up the photos of your favorite places and favorite people. This is a magical way to display photos without using picture frames.

Partition and Room Divider

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This festive partition combines the frame of a 3-panel room divider with natural branches wrapped in mini LED lights. Not only does it separate the space, but it does so by brightening both sides in a decorative display of lights.

Floor Lights Home Decor

To serve as a nightlight as you walk from one room to the next or as mood lighting for your living space, place mini lights across the floor hugging the wall.

Typically, LED lights are connected to a battery pack making it easy to not worry about plugging them into an electric outlet. Christmas lights, on the other hand, usually require a power outlet. Be sure to have an outlet nearby or able to run an extension cord to plug them in. The holidays aren’t the only time to light up your space with bright and beautiful lighting. Home Decor

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Last Modified: December 14, 2019