Looking for wall decorations to fill the blank space on your wall but just don’t have a lot of time? I’ve rounded up a list of DIY wall art ideas you can make in less than an hour.

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DIY Wall Art Ideas You Can Make in Under an Hour | Wall Decor

DIY Wall Art Made Easy

I never liked a plain wall. Yes, paint is good but I always have that empty feeling whenever I see a blank space in a room.

My craft cells, as I want to call it, just starts to activate and think of what wall art I can create to make it look better. But I have to admit, I don’t always have the time to make new wall decor every time I want to and I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who have the same problem.

So to help each and every one of you, I’ve compiled a list of DIY wall art ideas you can make in under an hour. You never have to stare at a blank space ever again!

 1. State String Art


Make your own string art DIY project that’s less than $10! This is a great wall decor that will even make a better gift to friends and loved ones!

2. Printable Gallery Wall


Make use of your printer for this divine printables for gallery walls. Check your printer for ink before starting your stunning gallery wall.

3. Fabric Wall Art


Want a wall art that’s super quick and easy? Dig out those lovely unnecessary fabrics and have them stapled to the walls and you’re all set for your fabric wall art project!

4. DIY Dot Wall


This must be the easiest, no-hassle, DIY wall art project there is. With just some washi tape and a pair of scissors, you can make colorful dots look so dainty for your DIY dot wall art.

5. DIY Hanging Clipboard Art


For someone who gets bored of the same wall art all over again, here’s how you can spice things up. This DIY wall decor with pictures will allow you to simply replace the pictures attached to the hanging clipboards on your wall and then you’ll soon have a brand new look for your DIY hanging clipboard art project.

6. Potato Print Art Work


Go ahead and rummage your kitchen for the main materials for this DIY wall art project. Did you know that you can make colorful DIY wall art with potatoes?

7. DIY Tape Picture Frames


There’s no better wall art than utilizing your most precious photos for a perfect DIY tape picture frames. You’ll never get bored to look at your photographs on the walls that will always bring back precious memories.

8. DIY Birch Tree Painting


The birch tree has lovely designs you can make use of for your next DIY wall art. This is such a cute wall art project that will be a sure hit with teens to try on their next slumber party.

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9. Book Page Canvas


If you’ve got old magazines or books that have lovely designs and would want to make use of, then utilize them for your book page canvas. I’m not really sure if you can tear off the pages of your favorite book, but this is still a great wall art idea.

10. Thumbtack Art


You’ll be surprised how glamorous gold thumbtacks make as an amazing art when you know what you’re doing. Round up all those office supplies gold thumbtacks and create a wall design out of them for a golden DIY wall art.

11. DIY Circle Punch Art


Share a moment with your kids in creating this super easy DIY circle punch art. This is so easy it can be a kids’ craft. Make it a circle or try other shapes too.

12. DIY Copper Photo Display


Build your own DIY copper photo display with mini bulldog clips. This one will look absolutely amazing as a DIY wall decor the living room.

13. DIY Letter Wall


Can you imagine this in your kid’s room? The DIY letter wall art will sure be a great way to have your kid learn his or her alphabet.

14. Tea Towel Hangings


Tea towels with adorable prints make quick and easy wall art for the kitchen. These DIY wall hangings made out of artistic tea towels look so adorable and very easy to create!

15. DIY Dip-Dyed Yarn Wall Art


Lay back and recreate one of the most sought-after designs you can come up with as great wall hangings for your bedroom. DIY dip-dyed yarn wall art is the next wall design for the millennials who love solid colors of all shades and sizes.

16. DIY Straw Wall Art


Be kind to the environment, repurpose those colorful, plastic straws, instead of throwing them away after just one use. Come up with this DIY straw wall art project and let their design and colors liven any boring wall in the house.

17. DIY Butterfly Canvas Art


You may spend most of your time cutting butterflies for this craft project but the 3D design is stunning. Have fun creating this DIY wall art canvas with the butterfly design.

For more fun wall art designs that you can make use of, check out this video of 12 Easy Wall Art & Room Decoration Ideas by HGTV Handmade!

If you’re running out of time but just really want to recreate and redesign your boring walls, go ahead and re-visit our site for more wonderful ideas as often as you like. I’m pretty sure by the time you’re done reading through, you’ll be an expert on DIY wall art projects!

Did you love our list of wall art ideas you can make in under an hour? Let us know in the comments section below! 


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