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Happy Halloween!

Decorating your home for Halloween can be tons of fun! Ghosts, witches, and other creepy decor brings the holiday to life for one night. All that hard work doesn’t have to be solely for Halloween. It can be helpful to create designs that can stay on your mantel for the entire fall season.

Natural Accents

Arrange autumn leaves, birch branches, willow branches, twisted twigs in a vase or loosely placed on your mantel

Image result for branches loosely decoration fall mantel

Seasonal Accents

Use pumpkins for a splash of orange and as a fall seasonal accent

Image result for birch branches in vase for halloween on mantle

Festive Lighting

Place candles and / or multi-colored string lights in autumn colors such orange, purple or crimson red

Image result for birch branches in vase for halloween on mantle

Rustic Materials

Choose materials like wicker, rattan or wood for a rustic design

Image result for wicker baskets fall mantel

Vintage Accents

Stick to antique and vintage bottles with a worn appearance

Image result for vintage and antique bottles on mantle autumn

These autumn mantel decor ideas combine the festive aspects of the Halloween holiday with the natural beauty of fall. Steer away from the tacky witch cutouts and faux skulls, stick to the tasteful decorations that can be used for the entire season.

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Last Modified: November 19, 2019