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Christmas Home Decor

Christmas Home Decor

Christmas Home Decor – Give Your Home a Festive Feeling

Christmas Home Decor
Adding Christmas Home Decor to your home is a great way to give it a festive feel and make your house feel like the holiday season. These holiday decorations are inexpensive and can be a great gift for anyone on your list. Wooden decorations can add warmth and scent to your home while adding a rustic look to your living space. You can also place an evergreen wreath on your front door to welcome guests and add a bit of holiday cheer.

Natural elements are also great for Christmas Home Decor. Find these free in the countryside or purchase them online. Mistletoe is an especially romantic decoration and is perfect for a window display. You can place a single branch in between two rooms to spruce them up. This is one way to make your home feel more like the holidays without spending a fortune. Once you’ve chosen the right type of Christmas Home Decor, you can get a head start on decorating.

To make your home look festive, use a variety of decorations. Poinsettias, for example, are a popular Christmas flower. Placed on the staircase or in the front entryway, they will add a holiday feel to your home. Using candles will also make your home smell like the holidays. A Christmas wreath can also serve as the centerpiece of your dining room table. The beauty of these decorations is that they are inexpensive and can add an extra touch of festive cheer to your home.

When decorating for Christmas, you can use lights as part of your decor. These lights are a great way to add warmth to any room and create a magical atmosphere. You can also use them to light up the outside of your house to add a festive touch to your holiday décor. The important thing is to buy high-quality lights for your holiday decorations. If you want your decorations to last longer than a year, make sure you buy durable ones.

You can decorate your home with a variety of different kinds of Christmas home decor. Whether you have an outdoor tree or an indoor one, there are many options to choose from. Depending on the style of your house, there are many options for displaying holiday decorations. Some of the most popular and versatile types of Christmas decor include a wreath. This kind of decoration will be used outside on a door, but you can also place it inside on a table.

The most popular Christmas home decor is based on the style of your house. Choose the type of decorations that best suit the style of your house. If you have a country-style home, you can use the colors of Christmas decorations in your home. Consider using small ornaments in the center. In addition to these, you can also hang some Christmas lights on your wall. In addition to lights, you can use a candle or lantern for your outdoor decorations.

Decorative items that make the holiday season more festive can be purchased at discount stores. These items are ideal for gift-giving. A beautiful Nativity set can be a wonderful addition to your home. In addition, a lovely garland of poinsettias can make any space look more festive. A Christmas tree with beautiful accents is the perfect place to begin a new holiday tradition. With Christmas Home Decor, you can prepare for the holidays with your family and friends. The season is a time to share the joy and happiness of the holiday.

Decorative items made of wood and paper can add a warm feel to your home. You can also hang decorative items from the ceiling. These decorations can be used to decorate your house in a variety of ways. You can hang lights on your windows, on your furniture, or in the windows. Adding lights to your home will add warmth and beauty to your entire property. You can also use the lights outside of your home to give it a wintry feeling.

Christmas decor is a great way to bring the holiday spirit into your home. You can add throw blankets and pillows to your sofas or put up a beautiful centerpiece. You can also add advent calendars to countdown the days until Christmas, and holly berries and pinecones can add to the scent of your home. Some people like to hang a small ornament tree on their mantel or on the wall. If you don’t have a tree, you can hang a cluster of small ornaments on a small table.

How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

How To Decorate Your Christmas Tree
If you want your tree to look beautiful, here are some tips on how to make it look festive. Firstly, you need to know that pets love to play with Christmas trees. Therefore, if you have a pet, you should choose an artificial one that is under six feet tall and anchored firmly to avoid it from falling over. If you have a pet, you should consider using flat matte ornaments that are easier for your dog to chew on. Another important tip is to use twist ties to attach the ornaments. Otherwise, your pet can get tangled up in the tinsel and choke.
How To Decorate Your Christmas Tree
Depending on the theme you choose, you can start with the tree itself. If you are decorating your whole home, you may want to choose a Christmas theme for each room and then go from there. Some people prefer to put up more than one tree and use different themes for each one. No matter which style you choose, it is important to ensure that the surrounding area of the tree matches your chosen theme. It is important to remember that decorating a Christmas tree is not a science but an art that requires imagination. The ideas mentioned above are merely suggestions.

If you are decorating a tree with different colors, you may want to experiment with various types of ornaments to create a more interesting and unique look. Try experimenting with different materials and designs to find the perfect match. A few different ideas can be used to make your Christmas tree look unique. In addition to picking the best color for your tree, you should also keep in mind the size of your tree. Choosing the right ornament for your home will give you a tree that matches the decor of the rest of the house.

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Christmas Home Decor

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Vintage Style Antique Furniture

Vintage Style Antique Furniture

How to Identify Vintage Style Antique Furniture

Vintage Style Antique Furniture
If you’re looking for a piece of vintage furniture, you’re in luck. Today, there are countless auction houses and stores retouching old items. The Internet is a great resource for finding details on these pieces of furniture. Not only does it let you browse different styles and eras of furniture, but it can also tell you about the history behind each piece. If you have a particular piece in mind, it’s important to understand its value.

The retail value of your chosen vintage furniture will depend on whether you want to sell it or keep it as a collection. The retail value is the price you paid for it. The wholesale value is the price the dealer would have charged you for it. However, if you’re going to auction it, you should also check the wholesale value of the item. The wholesale value of a piece will likely be less than the retail price.

Before buying a piece of vintage furniture, it’s important to understand the nuances of the term “vintage.” The term “vintage” is used broadly to refer to used goods that have been made by people of a certain era. Moreover, you’ll also need to consider the production methods of the pieces. Not only do these pieces of furniture have high quality but they are also more affordable than new pieces. In addition, they’ll come with a lower price than new ones.

The second factor that helps you identify an antique piece is the age. The older an item is, the higher its value. In order to be considered an antique, you’ll need to check its patent number. You’ll also want to be aware of inaccuracies and shoddy craftsmanship. So how do you tell if the piece you’re buying is actually vintage? Just follow these tips! If you’re buying a vintage piece, make sure it’s more than 50 years old!

When buying vintage furniture, look for symmetry. When it comes to antiques, symmetrical pieces are more valuable than those with an unsymmetrical design. It is possible to find a piece that has a symmetry, which tells the buyer that it was made by skilled workers. Then, check for the period in which it was made. If it is a replica, you’ll have to spend more money on it.
Vintage Style Antique Furniture
When choosing vintage furniture, consider the age of the piece. The oldest pieces are at least a hundred years old, but some pieces are even more than a hundred. By checking the age of an antique, you’ll be able to determine its provenance. This way, you’ll be able to tell if it’s really an antique or not. If you’re not sure, check for the age of the piece and then decide if it has a good symmetry.

The antiques of the Classical Style are a great way to decorate your home. These pieces were made in the Victorian era, which lasted from 1837 to 1901. They’re made from good materials, and most are handed down from generation to generation. They’ll last for generations. This is why antique furniture is such a great investment. It has the potential to make your home stand out from the rest of the furniture in the house.

Antique furniture from this era is usually much more expensive than those made today. But they are still a great buy. Besides the price tag, there are many other reasons to invest in vintage furniture. Purchasing an antique piece of furniture is a wise investment for your home and a great way to save money. It’s worth it in the long run because the quality is better. It’s also a great way to add character to your home.

The Antique Style of Furniture can be divided into two types. Its name is derived from the French term for “vintage.” It is furniture with storage space that dates back several centuries. Some of these pieces are considered antique, while others are simply periodic. They can be used to decorate a room. The key is to find one that suits your personality and your home decor. There are many styles of this style, so you’ll need to decide which one you like best.

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Vintage Style Antique Furniture

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Bedroom Furniture Essentials

Bedroom Furniture Essentials

Bedroom Furniture Essentials
Bedroom Furniture Essentials: The most essential pieces of bedroom furniture are the wardrobe and the dressing table. These pieces of furniture provide storage for clothes and other items that are used often, and complement the other bedroom furnishings. Besides, the bedroom furniture can also be customized to fit your space and your budget. To purchase the right items, consider visiting an online store that sells bed accessories. Here are some important tips for choosing the right pieces of furniture:

One of the most important pieces of furniture in your room is the bed. You can choose a bed with a high headboard and a low footboard. Purchasing a bed with a high base is a good idea. It makes the bed more comfortable. The other bedroom furniture you need is the wardrobe. Investing in this item will give your room a luxurious look. Furthermore, a dresser will serve as a TV stand.

Lighting fixtures are also important. Overhead lights are essential, but they may be too harsh for your bedroom. You can upgrade your existing overhead lights with chic pendant lights or track lights. Overhead lights are necessary, but they are expensive and must not be overlooked. Overhead lighting will also add ambiance, so be sure to check their color temperature and placement. A stylish pendant light is a great choice.

The wardrobe ties the entire room together. Depending on the size of your bed, you may want to invest in a contrasting color for the bedroom. A chest drawer is a vertical piece of furniture with stacked drawers. A wardrobe is a practical and stylish piece of furniture. A chest of drawers can help keep your clothes neat and organized. You can also add a dresser if your room is small and you’re not sure how to place it.

A vanity is a useful piece of bedroom furniture. It can serve as a vanity and a workspace. It should have enough drawers and space for a stool and other storage items. A dressing table is an elegant option for a bedroom and should be paired with an armchair. While the bedside table is functional, it also serves as a place where you can place your favorite books.

A bedside from a bed, a nightstand is an essential piece of bedroom furniture. It can be either a cabinet or a table. Both of these pieces can be purchased online or from a local store. A nightstand can also be a useful addition to your bedroom since it can double as a storage space and a decorative piece. They can be found in a variety of styles, including rustic, modern, and antique.
Bedroom Furniture Essentials
A dresser is another essential piece of bedroom furniture. This item serves as a place to store clothes and other items. A wardrobe is also a great place to store accessories such as shoes and toiletries. It also helps to minimize the clutter in the bedroom. A wardrobe is one of the most important pieces of bedroom furniture. The wardrobe and a dresser should go hand in hand. The latter should be of similar height.

A nightstand provides a surface for other items such as books, glasses, and a cup of tea. It also anchors the mattress in the room. A bedside table can be as simple as a shelf or as sophisticated as a bookcase. No matter the style of your bedroom, the nightstand should be functional and provide you with a comfortable place to sleep. The most important pieces of bedroom furniture are the mirror, a bed, and a duvet.

The bedside table can either be a standalone unit or an armoire. A chest of drawers has three or seven drawers and should be placed in a central position in the room. It should be the same height as the bed and should be a good complement to the bed. A closet should be placed at the foot of the bed. A dresser should sit above the bed. A headboard is an additional piece of furniture.

A bedside table is an essential piece of bedroom furniture. It’s easy to reach for nightly necessities from a bedside table. It is also important to choose a style that fits the room. A bedside table can be either small or large. Its shape and design should complement the other bedroom furniture in the room. A bedroom nightstand can help you decide whether the rest of your furnishings will match with the colors and textures of the furniture in the room.

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Affordable Vintage Style Furniture

Affordable Vintage Style Furniture

Affordable Vintage Style Furniture

Affordable Vintage Style Furniture
The Internet is full of great places to find affordable vintage style furniture. Craigslist, for example, is a great place to find a variety of items at a low price. And you can also browse social media sites to see which interiors are the most stylish. If you’re new to the world of online shopping, Etsy is an excellent place to start. Here’s a quick guide to the best places to buy vintage furniture.

Buying affordable vintage style furniture is an excellent way to save money and improve the look of your home. There are many websites that offer vintage style furniture for less than $100. These sites are usually cheaper than purchasing new furniture and are much easier to return. Often, these items are also available for free, so it’s always worth checking them out. The main difference between these two styles is the price. The prices of vintage furniture are significantly lower compared to new pieces.

If you’re looking for affordable vintage style furniture, you’ll want to check out Rejuvenation. They sell a huge range of furniture, from antiques to modern pieces, and many of these pieces can be found at very low prices. In addition to a huge inventory, Rejuvenation often has sales and free shipping for orders over $35. They also specialize in Southwestern-style furnishings. There’s also a section of vintage-style accessories that you can purchase.

Another great place to find affordable vintage style furniture is Etsy. They offer a selection of antique and vintage pieces made by renowned artisans. You’ll find many affordable vintage items in Etsy. A lot of these items are also a bit more expensive than modern pieces, but they’re worth it for the look. If you’re looking for inexpensive vintage style furniture, look at Etsy. There are thousands of affordable antique and retro items available on this website.

A great place to buy affordable vintage style furniture is Rejuvenation. Rejuvenation has an Etsy store that sells vintage items. It’s a great place to find one-of-a-kind pieces. The site’s designers also make their own items. You can browse a wide selection of antique and vintage goods on the site. There are many other places to buy inexpensive vintage pieces. The best place to buy an affordable piece of furniture is Rejuvenation.
Vintage Chair
Liveauctioners have a wide variety of items for sale on their site. You can browse through collections of modern furniture, vintage pieces, and even art. The store also has many modern antiques. It’s a great place to find authentic vintage pieces. Whether you want to decorate your home or just restyle your existing pieces, the site’s collection will be unique. It’s worth checking out the prices.

Another great place to buy vintage items is Omero.com. This site offers furniture and home accessories that are made from old-style materials. Among the many different styles, the Omero store specializes in Americana, Italian, and nautical. Regardless of what kind of decor you want, you’ll find furniture for every room of your home. This website is a great place to buy vintage items because you’ll get quality at affordable prices.

There are many options for affordable vintage style furniture. Most of them are available on the Internet. You can even check out local antique stores for bargains. These stores are often located in the same neighborhood as your local antique shops. Most of the pieces you see on the Internet are made from antiques, and many of them are one-of-a-kind. If you can’t afford to purchase vintage furniture at a brick-and-mortar store, consider using Amazon.

Besides antique furniture, you can also purchase antique items online. The most popular websites to buy vintage furnishings include Modern Relik. They offer a range of styles and prices. The most popular items can be bought at very affordable prices. They’re also available from Scandinavia and France. If you’re looking for vintage furniture, the most important thing is to know what style you want. And you can find affordable vintage pieces by browsing through resale sites.

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Affordable Vintage Style Furniture

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Vintage Painted Furniture


Vintage Painted Furniture – Get The Look Of A Long Term Vintage Furniture Makeover

10 SHABBY CHIC CHRISTMAS 2018 12 11  Image of 10 SHABBY CHIC CHRISTMAS 2018 12 11
If you are looking for a way to add some “character” to your home without spending a fortune, consider purchasing vintage furniture. While these pieces can be a bit more expensive than some modern pieces, you will definitely get a lot more bang for your buck! Just imagine adding that character to your home without spending a fraction of what it would cost to purchase the same furniture new. Many people enjoy using vintage furniture and there are many reasons why. But, before you go out and start searching for pieces to add to your collection, you should learn how to properly take care of it so it lasts a lifetime!

When you buy vintage painted furniture, you want to make sure it is properly protected so it doesn’t fall apart later on. Not all antique painted furniture was created with lead-free paint, however; much of it used today is, and so you don’t want to take chances, especially with little kids in the home. So, you should know the type of paint that was used on the piece in question. The paint that was used on the furniture was called tempera paint back then and it was commonly applied to painted wood surfaces. It even sometimes covered wooden furniture that was already painted using other types of paint.

The problem with using this type of paint is that the paint contained lead. As a result, if small kids were to crawl across the surface of your vintage painted furniture, they could easily ingest lead, which is toxic, over time. So, instead of using tempera paint, which still contains lead, many people have decided to purchase antifreeze instead.

Antifreeze is a substance that contains ethylene glycol (rubbing compound), propylene glycol (soap ingredient), and water. In order to effectively remove stains from your painted furniture, you first need to soak the piece or pieces you wish to repaint with antifreeze. Then, use a paint scraper to remove the antifreeze and its residue from the surface of the piece or pieces. Once the antifreeze has been removed, you can then use paint spraying equipment to apply the paint that is left behind on the surface of the item.
Vintage Painted Furniture
Another type of furniture painting chemical is white latex paint. This particular chemical is not safe to breathe when it comes in contact with your skin, eyes, or mouth. White latex tends to drip when applied to metal surfaces and it may also splatter when it dries. Some experts advocate against using white latex paint because it can affect the finish of your furniture. However, there are those who think that white latex paint is perfect for furniture painting because it contains no lead.

Chalk paint is probably one of the best paints available for creating a durable finish on wood surfaces. Because the chalk is water-based, it is safe for furniture painting but it can be harsh on the surface of certain metals. Because of this, it is often recommended that you do not use chalk paint on items such as metal gratings, copper pots and pans, and iron door knobs and handles. If you must use chalk paint on these items, you might want to try one that contains only trace amounts of lead.

When it comes to applying vintage furniture pieces, another popular option is hand painted furniture restoration. In order to create a durable finish that will last for decades, most experts recommend that you hire a professional antique furniture restoration expert. Restoring vintage furniture using hand painted finishes typically takes a few weeks, depending on the severity of the damage. After the restoration process, you should keep your newly painted furniture away from direct sunlight or exposure to heavy heat.

Whether you choose to paint your vintage furniture yourself or take the route of hiring a professional antique furniture restorer, you will find that completing a furniture makeover has many benefits. If you are looking to revamp the look of your living room, bedroom, or even your bathroom, painting is an excellent choice. It can give your home a bold new look and feel. Before you make a final decision on whether to paint your Vintage Painted Furniture yourself or hire an antique furniture restoration expert, you should research the possibility thoroughly.

How to Decorate Vintage Painted Furniture

Vintage Painted Furniture is the latest addition to a growing number of new designer handbag collections that are decidedly contemporary, fresh, and vibrant. This is especially true when it comes to the realm of sofas, coffee tables, and end tables. They make great focal points in living rooms, libraries, dens, and offices. It’s no wonder that so many people choose this kind of furniture to help define their personal style. It seems to be the personality that defines you.

If you’re interested in using vintage painted furniture to express yourself, there are a few simple ways to do so. One way is to choose a distressed piece of wood that reminds you of your favorite pieces of furniture from the past. For example, if your family’s wood furniture has been distressed by generations of furniture cleaning, then distressed wood pieces would make a charming accent to a contemporary style living room or bedroom. Or, if your favorite piece from your grandmother’s childhood was painted the color of chocolate, then a piece made from that same color would be ideal for your child’s bedroom.

Another way to use vintage furniture as a way to express yourself is to choose an item with an interesting history. A great example would be the ever popular reproduction of an antique chalkboard, complete with handles and a chalkboard skirt. Chalkboard paint is very easy to find online, and a fun project for both children and adults. Some other popular choices for painting furniture with chalk include a vintage painted dresser, an armoire with a chalkboard top, and even a reproduction of an antique lamp with a glass lampshade.

If you have a passion for vintage clothing, hats, or books, you may want to consider painting your household items with faded old prints. In order to achieve a faded print, you will need to purchase a hound tooth table lamp with a white tinge. You can also opt for a vintage hat, which has a natural golden glow to it. Once you’ve decided on your lamps and clothing items, try applying a pale wash of white paint to a wall, followed by a couple coats of black paint to finish the job. This vintage inspired furniture painting project will look great in any home.

Vintage Painted Furniture

painted furniture 2021-11

Another fantastic way to create a unique design that pops vintage style is to purchase painted furniture or pieces and then use milk paint or chalk paint to create varying patterns. For instance, one great idea is to purchase a wooden dressing table and then create a fun pattern by writing “Frodder” on its top with a fine tipped pen. Varying the pattern on your painted furniture can also add dimension and character to a room and may even prevent boredom from setting in.

You might also think about using metallic paints to create a great design. However, many people report having a difficult time achieving a good result, mainly due to poor design choices. The best tips for using metallic paints include making sure your hardware store provides quality supplies, and using the right paint techniques. For instance, applying an undercoat finish to a painted surface is much easier than applying a clear coat, which can provide a greater depth of color. Additionally, using an undercoat finish may help your furniture stays looking new longer, as well as help protect it from staining.

When choosing what type of paint to use, the best clear coat colors are those that are slightly darker. If you have a light-colored room, you should pick pastels and pinks, which are light to touch but dark enough to hide defects. If you have a medium-colored room, pastels should be used in moderation, as too much will make the furniture stand out too much. If you have a very dark room, you should stick with blacks, which provide a stark contrast and yet maintain a consistent look. Most farmhouse furniture is typically either unpainted or lightly textured, which creates a rustic look.

One of the most popular things people do to create their own Vintage Painted Furniture is to use vintage photographs and old sketches as the basis for their design. This allows you to choose a variety of different looks, depending on whether you are going for an antique look or something more modern. You can find many examples of textured or distressed farmhouse-style art on the Internet. Another great thing about working with old photos and sketches is that many people have fun doing the painting process themselves. If you want to save some money, you can purchase unfinished canvas that will allow you to work on your Vintage Painted Furniture piece at home instead of having to bring it in to a store.

Vintage Painted Distressed Furniture

Distressed Furniture 1633994162  Image of Distressed Furniture 1633994162
One of the trends in interior design over the last decade has been the popularity of Painted Distressed Furniture. A lot of people have a great desire to have items in their homes that look worn and used, but have not been actually lived in for decades or even centuries. These kinds of pieces can go with any color scheme you may have in mind, or you can choose to do your Painted Distressed Furniture yourself. Let’s dive in.

The thing about Painted Distressed Furniture that makes it so appealing to many people is the fact that so many times the piece was never painted on to begin with, but rather it was a case of a homeowner applying a light coat of paint around a picture or other graphic element, which left the piece in it’s distressed state. So when you see something like this, you immediately know it’s new and not just another item from Wal-Mart. You are drawn to it because the colors are there and vibrant, and the piece itself is very attractive and unique. Even if a painting only lasts a few years, the quality of workmanship will make anyone who views it remember that item fondly for years to come. Let’s be real, if there’s one rule of thumb to remember when shopping for distressed furniture, it’s that a little goes a very long way.

Here’s an example, say you were looking at some Painted Distressed Furniture, say it was a piece made in China that was still in its factory-new condition. The painting was not on the piece itself, or on the wood that the picture was applied to. What you would have noticed is a couple of lines that had been faded from the factory-new light blue, but maybe those were also the words that were written on the wall in Chinese. You would have been drawn in to the piece because of the color, and the softness of the lines. Again, the act of seeing the words, “Painted Distressed Furniture” and being drawn in by it, has a very powerful effect on us, and it sticks with us.

Why Choose Vintage Style Furniture?

vintage furniture 1634241040  Image of vintage furniture 1634241040
Vintage style furniture can be an interesting choice when choosing new furniture for your home or office. These pieces are often from a bygone era when furniture was made with higher quality materials, construction and care. These are the types of pieces that you can find in old libraries or in antique shops. They can be found with intricate detailing and worn looking wood that can give them a worn and weathered look, but this look can easily be repaired by simply applying a coat of stain to restore them to their former beauty.

Vintage furniture can be used in a number of different ways such as adding a touch of class in a room with an antique or vintage style sleeper sofa, or a modern look in a home or office with a mid-century modern sofa or chair. Using diy materials such as vintage style furniture repainted on its own or with new paint provides a unique and desirable alternative to purchasing new furniture. Because they are in such high demand from collectors, DIY furniture is normally much cheaper than new furniture and it can also be painted in a color that you may not usually want for your new furniture. Many people use these types of furniture in their living rooms and offices for the added ambience they provide and also because of the cost of new furniture today.

There are many ways to incorporate vintage style furniture into your home and this includes using it as the focal point in your living room or dining room. Some people choose to keep their vintage style furniture as just decorative furnishings and display it on shelves or in a glass case for guests to enjoy. Others prefer to make their mid-century modern or antique furniture a centerpiece in their living room or dining room so that it is easily noticeable from the floor and adds a style of elegance to the room.

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Painted Furniture

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Vintage Painted Furniture

A number of people have no thoughts at all about paints or painting, particularly when it involves their furniture. If you would like to get some furniture ideas that are great, then keep reading the following tips regarding painted furniture.

It’s possible for you to paint your furniture anyhow you enjoy; it is possible to paint it in white as well as paint the exact same colour as was originally on it. Provided that you are not uncomfortable with the tone then carry on with your job. Here are some thoughts:
If you would like, it is also possible to integrate results like colour that is damaged on to your timber furniture. It’s recommended that paints which are acrylic-based are best for timber furniture.
Be sure you use an acrylic primer before implementing any oil-based gloss, egg-shell, or any shade.
Paint your furniture to match your walls. By doing this, it is possible to complement the wall and the furniture. It is possible to paint the furniture using the colour that fits your personal style.
An acrylic finish is preferred by many people because the polished finish may have a decided impact. Be advised and get it done in little segments, if you are painting. Panel marks may be prevented if you keep the borders moist.
After staining your furniture, it is possible to use varnish to ensure the furniture may have a layer that is difficult to damage. Varnishes can be found in high and satin gloss finishes.

Painting your wood furniture is recommended to keep its freshness and to preserve its look. Therefore, if you’ve got items of timber furniture in your house, do not overlook these furniture painting thoughts.

Remember, using painted furniture can greatly contribute to the overall shabby chic look.



Vintage Painted Furniture Ideas



Vintage Painted Furniture Style



Vintage Hand Painted Furniture


Painted Furniture Ideas



Hand Painted Furniture Ideas



Wood Painted Furniture Ideas




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Vintage Painted Furniture

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10 Best Romantic Bedroom Ideas

romantic bedroom

10 Best Romantic Bedroom Ideas

romantic bedroom
Romantic bedroom ideas are the way to go if you want to make your bedroom a place of romance and happiness. It is no use staying in a stuffy room which makes you feel stuffy and dull. Life is too short to be stuck in a boring bedroom. Romantic bedroom ideas are what take you to that level. The idea is basically the same but here, we are going to go up to a higher level-richer elegance, sophistication and romance that will surely awe you when you go through these bedroom furniture items.

Bedroom ideas with romance always aim at soft colors, smooth textures and rich hues. Shades of brown, silvery grey, soft pink and pale blue are all favored by most women for their bedrooms. Some people have other favorite colors but these are the most preferred shades. You can mix and match and create a mood or just focus on one color for an entire room to give it a romantic touch. The shades are endless and you can also choose the type of bed that goes with it.
romantic bedroom 1634296021  Image of romantic bedroom 1634296021
Bedroom ideas with romantic bedroom ideas always include white sheets on the bed, fluffy white pillow cases and matching white linen comforter. The rest of the bedroom items should have earth tones such as brown, green and tan colored bedroom furniture, curtains that match the colors on the beds and floor mats. The lighting should be soft and romantic. The night tables and night stands can be white with romantic engravings on them. And you can’t have a complete bedroom without bedroom furniture including soft beds, matching comforters, floor lamps, night lights and candles with silvery colored bases.

In the modern age, there are many choices of bedroom sets you can choose from to decorate your master bedrooms. These days, people prefer to have a neutral color scheme that includes brown, green and tan colored furniture, drapes and neutral colored curtains. However, if you still want something that gives you the romantic feel, then you can add more touches of romance to your master bedroom ideas by using reds, purples and yellows. Use leather furniture for your living room and accent furniture for the dining room and bed. Other furniture pieces you can use are mirrors, iron canopy beds, intricately carved headboards, hand-carved wood, fine fabrics and lace.

For the walls and floors, you can use warm colors to set the mood and then compliment those colors with silvery or white furniture pieces. Use reds, oranges and yellows for the walls, ceilings and floors of your bedroom. If you have a fireplace in the room, you can surround it with matching cushions. Use silvery solid wood pieces on your walls. For the ceilings, you can add art deco mirrors.

Add accents to your bedroom with mirrors and knick-knacks. Paint your walls a neutral color such as off-white or beige. You can also install an entertainment center with your favorite music, movies and television shows. You can decorate your bedroom with romantic bedroom ideas that are unique because you use your own style and taste in everything you do.

You can find a lot of bedroom furniture stores where you can go and sit and look through all the different styles and designs they have to offer. When choosing furniture pieces, you can also consider the color scheme and theme of your house. Most couples’ bedrooms are usually decorated in neutral tones such as brown, beige and tile. The flooring can be in different textures and patterns. However, if you want your bedroom to look different, you can always go in for marble tiles, sandstone and limestone slabs.

You can also add modern-day pieces of furniture to complement your classic bedroom furniture pieces. Modern-day furniture pieces can include armoires, dressers, beds, cabinets and chests of drawers. Color schemes of these modern-day pieces can be different from those of antique pieces of furniture. Bedrooms with neutral colors can have a mixture of contemporary and classical themes. In bedrooms with more vibrant colors, a darker color scheme can be used.

Romantic Decor For Bedrooms

romantic bedroom 1633868340  Image of romantic bedroom 1633868340
If you’re ready to spice up your bedroom, here are a few great ideas for romantic decor for bedrooms. Many people think that romance means bright colors and plenty of frills. That’s certainly one way to set the mood, but it doesn’t have to be that way! With a few different color schemes and styles in your bedroom, you can create the romantic setting you’ve always wanted.

Start out with the basics: you’ll want romantic furniture that reflects the type of ambience you love. Bright colors are great for a bedroom, but maybe a little more muted colors or ones with a lot of lace accents would work better. You also might want to try a theme. With a country style bedroom, for example, a bed with a cowboy design on it would create the right ambiance.

Add touches of romance with decorative items like velvet blankets and curtains, candles, and art. You can find decorative bedroom furniture online or in some bedroom furniture stores. There are endless choices of slipcovers and linens you can buy, as well as lots of beautiful rugs to add to the room. Your bedroom is truly a blank canvas, so you can make it as you like.

To add a touch of elegance to your bedroom, you might consider using silk throw pillows and blankets. Throw pillows are great because they can add a splash of color without being overwhelming. You can even add throw pillows to a king size bed! It will make the bed seem even taller and more impressive.

One great bedroom decor choice for bright, cheerful colors is a pink couch or loveseat. This cheerful color will help create the right atmosphere. You can also add colorful flowers to your walls, especially if you are a girl who loves pretty flowers. Pillows and blankets can be decorated with pretty ornaments, such as tiny birds or hearts. Decorative pieces can be shaped like hearts and placed on book shelves, end tables, even in bedrooms with high ceilings.

If you are looking for bedroom decor that is quieter but equally romantic, you may want to try a peaceful look in a bedroom with a lot of oak or walnut furniture. These woods are perfect for creating a cozy feel in a bedroom. You can add a bed of flowers cut in a pretty pattern into a wooden frame. Using a wood color such as walnut can add a feeling of richness to a room. Add an old, antique mirror and you have a charming bedroom that is surprisingly romantic.

If you are going for a bedroom that is bright and airy, try adding bright and fresh scented candles to your bedroom furniture sets. You can choose from scented candles decorated with pretty lace or silver frames. Try adding a pillow adorned with a rose or a basket of red roses. You can also add a picture frame with a pretty rose or a heart. Using candles decorated in pretty colors will make your bedroom smell wonderfully romantic.

For the ultimate romantic getaway bedroom, try adding some candles to your bedroom furniture. Create your own cozy nook with your own fireplace. You can add some pillows with heart designs, or add your favorite book wrapped up in a sheet and placed between the mantel and the ceiling. Add an old-fashioned steam iron and some fluffy towels to create your own romantic bed. Add some relaxing music and you have an instant bedroom getaway!

If you love the feel of marble in your home, then you can easily add some marble-inspired items to your bedroom. Add a large mirror above your dresser and add some lamps made of marble. Add an area rug featuring a marble finish to your bedroom. This will enhance the look and texture of your room. Try adding a vase of greenery to add a touch of nature to your bedroom.

An ultimate bedroom add-on is a comforter with an embroidered quilt in your favorite pattern. You can add a pair of earrings hanging from a chandelier in your bedroom. Try using some crystals to accentuate your bedroom with a romantic touch.

Another way to add some bedroom decor is to use silk throw pillows. Use silk throw pillows decorated with lace patterns to add a lovely touch of romance to your bedroom. Add some throw pillows on your bed which match your curtains or your lampshade. Arrange your bedroom items on your shelves or your sofa. Try placing some framed pictures in your bedroom which reflect a romantic theme. You will be surprised at how easy it is to create a romantic ambiance for your bedroom!

Romantic Bedroom Decor

romantic bedroom
Romantic bedroom decor is all about being cozy and intimate. This type of bedroom design is very romantic because it usually conveys a sense of serenity. Themes like nature, romantic stories, and nature are some of the popular ones to inspire bedroom designs. Romantic bedroom themes can be based on a person’s favorite things. You may want to incorporate some of these favorites in your bedroom decor.

In this article, I will share with you some tips that can be applied for creating romantic bedroom decor. By no means are these bedroom ideas limited to weddings or honeymoons. All these ideas can be used anytime you wish to create an atmosphere of romance and intimacy. They also happen to be relatively easy to achieve, which makes them great starter decor themes for a bedroom or any type of room.

One good place to get some good romantic bedroom decor ideas is magazine subscriptions. A quick perusal of a good wedding issue should supply you with several color schemes to consider when redecorating your bed. Color scheme ideas for beds can be quite interesting because they take into account the individual’s unique coloring and eye colorings. Also, remember to base your color ideas on how you want to feel as you sleep. Some colors can stimulate your senses in different ways, while others may soothe your senses.

To achieve a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom, the first thing you need to do is accessorize appropriately. Pillows and blankets can contribute significantly to your bedroom’s romantic feeling by creating a warm and fuzzy atmosphere. There are two ways to go about this. You could either choose to add faux fur pillows and blankets to your bedding to give it a warm and fuzzy feel, or you can choose to add some decorative screens to a window to make a display area for the flowers and soft furnishings that you have chosen for the room. The latter option will create a stunning display that will really accentuate the focal point of the room, which is the bed. Both pillow and blanket choices come in a wide array of colors, sizes, and patterns to fit with any type of bedroom decor, so feel free to mix and match styles whenever you like.
romantic bedroom 1634295903  Image of romantic bedroom 1634295903
Instagram is a great way to share your bedroom decorating ideas with family and friends. Everyone is constantly posting photos of themselves on Instagram, so if you don’t feel like sharing your photos, then why not create your own account so you can attract all of the followers and friends you would like! By using the #snapshots hash tag, you can easily post photos of your decor to show your friends what an expert you can be. Everyone loves to see beautiful photographs that show a great way to dress up a bedroom, so the more you post on instagram, the better!

Rustic country themes are the perfect way to start off your romantic theme. You can go with an old fashioned headboard, but if you want something a little more original, why not try a lacy white headboard? Lacy headboards are a great choice because they are very easy to clean. A linen headboard is also very romantic because it usually has little bows and flowers on it. You can even find boards decorated with hearts, stars, butterflies, and other romantic designs. For the walls, try painting them in your desired color scheme, but if you really want to impress your lover, try painting them in deep, rich earth tones that are reminiscent of leather and stone.

Another great bedroom decoration idea for a romantic bedroom is to use a canopy bed. With a canopy bed, you can choose from a variety of different materials, including leather, velvet, and a variety of natural fabrics such as cotton or linen. You can choose to display your bedside lamp on the canopy, but if you don’t have the space for a canopy bed, just hang a standard poster bed from the headboard. Using posters in your bedroom gives the room a sense of warmth and coziness, so feel free to decorate the room in this way.

Finally, one of the most important romantic bedroom ideas is to use color schemes that are similar to your wedding colors. Choose sheets, pillow cases, and comforters that match your motif. You can even match the color of your pillows and blankets. Don’t forget the blinds, bed curtains, window treatments, and decorative accent pieces that match your color scheme. These will give your room a classic look that will truly make it your own.

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Shabby Chic Furniture
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The bedroom is where all the magic happens! Whether we are looking to seduce a lover or be encapsulated in our own heavenly oasis, there are ways to turn our bedroom into the sultry, seductive and romantic space we’ve always dreamed of. Incorporate these 10 best romantic bedroom ideas into your design motif to amp up the appeal.

Velvet Upholstered Beds

tov b18 ls 1  Image of tov b18 ls 1

Arianna Velvet Bed

Smooth and luxurious, velvet is a very sexy fabric. It feels soft to the touch reminding us that bedroom furniture is meant to not only look good but feel good too. A velvet bed might be just what the doctor ordered.

Fur Decor and Furniture

yhst 69328165909994 2604 4901687095  Image of yhst 69328165909994 2604 4901687095
Longwool Double Pelt Sheepskin Rug

Hollywood vixens go nowhere without their furs. It doesn’t have to be a mink coat or a rabbit fur hat to bring this romantic fabric into your life. Whether it is a sheepskin accent pillow, a fluffy fur rug or a plush fur upholstered vanity bench, fur will always remain one of the most desirable fabrics on the planet.

LED Lights Mood Lighting

c175649818f96810e67bf4d357020909  Image of c175649818f96810e67bf4d357020909
LED Lights on Bed Canopy

Lighting can make all the difference when creating a romantic atmosphere. One way to bring the romance into the bedroom is with string led lights. They can be strewn across a bed canopy, trickled down an accent wall or hugging the trim of a wall in your bedroom. Romance isn’t only in fairytales.

Electric Indoor Fireplaces

portable gas fireplace outdoor ventless heater bedroom small looking amazing fire  Image of portable gas fireplace outdoor ventless heater bedroom small looking amazing fire

You won’t have to renovate your home to heat up your bedroom with an electric indoor fireplace. They can be freestanding fireplaces or installed directly into a bedroom wall. Electric indoor fireplaces bring the flame into your bedroom to ignite your passions.

Silk and Satin Curtains

marrakech travel guide 08 gq 18sep18 b  Image of marrakech travel guide 08 gq 18sep18 b

Silk and satin are two fabrics with a long history in romance. Curtains made of silk or satin are both regal and sensual. Be sure to adorn your windows with long draping curtains made of these sexy fabrics for a double dose of romance.

Color Choices

2 ever so soft  Image of 2 ever so soft

The color palette you choose for your bedroom plays a major role in creating a romantic atmosphere. Steer away from colors with a larger than life presence. Some of these colors include hot pinks, bright oranges, turquoise blues and bright yellows. They are very energetic colors. For your romantic bedroom, you will want colors that inspire serenity, relaxation and sensuality. Some of these colors include deep purples, dark reds, light pinks, striking golds and even pastels.

Chandelier Light Fixture

beigeromanticbedroom  Image of beigeromanticbedroom

The dining room isn’t the only place in the house that is fitting for a romantic chandelier. This simple change to a bedroom can make a huge impact on the overall design. The beauty and charm of an ornate chandelier is an excellent way to bring the romance from above.

Bed Position

Creating A Romantic Bedroom Interior Design 8  Image of Creating A Romantic Bedroom Interior Design 8

Did you know in Feng Shui, they recommend keeping both sides of the bed open? Meaning, do not push one side of your bed up against a wall. The reason is to invite healthy relationships into your life. When it is centered in your room with both sides of open, it welcomes more than just yourself into your life, not to mention your bed!

Bed Footers

romantic bedroom online design by Decorilla designer Miaden C. 1  Image of romantic bedroom online design by Decorilla designer Miaden C. 1

Having a footer at the end of your bed is a romantic gesture to demonstrate the bed is separate from where we go about necessary activities like putting on our shoes in the morning. Whether it is one long bench, two separate benches or lounge chairs, the bed is for more than just a place to sit down.

Headboards and Canopies

Romantic Bedroom Design Ideas 36  Image of Romantic Bedroom Design Ideas 36

No romantic bedroom is complete without a headboard or canopy surrounding their bed. Similar to bed footers, it defines the bed as separate from the rest of the space. In romance, our bed is the sacred space where the magic is made.

Romantic interior bedroom design will get the senses stimulated long before the heat between the sheets begins. Turn your bedroom into a romantic space with these ideas for a sensual and serene start to your love life.

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Painted Distressed Furniture

Painted Furniture 1633994229  Image of Painted Furniture 1633994229

Painted Distressed Furniture

Painted Furniture 1633994229  Image of Painted Furniture 1633994229
Is it true that buying Painted Distressed Furniture is more expensive than other types? If there’s one golden rule of thumb, it’s definitely true. Let s be real. Those who really love distressed furniture probably would see a beautiful piece and automatically purchase it for its beauty.

First, you can expect to pay a bit more for a Painted Distressed Furniture than for a normal piece. This is because the distressed finish is a process that takes more time and is more involved. The good news is that these pieces still have a lot of value. So, no matter what your budget may be, you can get the piece you want in no time.

But you do have to understand one thing before getting a new piece of painted distressed furniture. You have to ask yourself if you really want the “distressed” look. If you have friends who don’t really appreciate art or design, you might be putting them off with your choice. If your friends see the gorgeous piece you’ve chosen and they don’t think the paint job is all that great, they will most likely think that buying the piece was a bad idea.

If you want to buy Painted Distressed Furniture, take a friend shopping with you. Go up to the store with the person you’re buying the piece for and ask him or her to show you the piece. Ask questions and listen to their opinions.

Most importantly, remember that Painted Distressed Furniture requires some patience. If you’re determined to make this particular type of furniture yours, you will have to take some time and effort to achieve your goal. It may take you several days or it may take you a few weeks. But in the end, when you are sitting on your Painted Distressed Furniture piece, you will feel good about the result.

First of all, remove the protective coating on the item. For most items, this will just mean taking off the protective coat on the label. Once you’ve done this, use a very fine grade of flat paint (pink, blue, black, etc.) on the item and let the piece dry completely. On the piece of Painted Distressed Furniture that you’re going to be sitting on, use an acetone to clean off any residual paint left behind from the original manufacturer.

Once you’re finished painting your Painted Distressed Furniture piece, you will need to allow it to dry completely before starting your new coat of flat paint. Wait for the item to be completely dry before applying the second coat. Painted furniture pieces should dry in about 48 hours.

When you’re done painting your Painted Distressed Furniture, you should always remember to let each coat of flat paint dry completely before applying the next coat. This way, you will ensure that your furniture piece will look as smooth and beautiful as possible. And the beauty will last for years!

Now that you have painted your Painted Distressed Furniture, you should always remember to give it some good old tap water to wash it down and remove any of the paint that may have built up. If the manufacturer’s instructions are followed, there should be no problem with this step. After you have washed it down and rid it of any excess paint, you should apply a top coat of clear or colorless glossy paint. This is the best protection for your Painted Distressed Furniture.

Before you apply your new flat paint, make sure that the surface you are going to paint with is clean. Using an old towel, gently wipe the surface you wish to paint with. You want to make sure that there is absolutely no dirt or dust on the surface of your Painted Distressed Furniture.

Once you have cleaned the surface, the next step is to prime the furniture piece. This process can be done by using fine grit sandpaper. Once the piece is completely primeed, you will be ready to paint it. The paint that you use will be acrylic based. It will provide you with many great benefits, such as; protecting your Painted Distressed Furniture from scratches and stains, protecting it from fading, preventing mold and mildew from setting in, as well as making your Painted Distressed Furniture look brand new.

When applying the first coat of paint, ensure that the area around the piece is well dry. The reason for this is because you do not want any air bubbles to form and affect how the paint will adhere to the piece. Once the first coat has dried, you will be ready to put the last layer of paint on your piece.

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Painted Distressed 1633994006  Image of Painted Distressed 1633994006

Painted Distressed FurnitureHOME DECOR

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Beautiful Unique Home Decor Styles Inspired by Interior Design

What interior design elements and home decor trends result in success with Farmhouse Interior Design? Successful farmhouses in Italy, Belgium, France, Sweden, and all over Europe easily outdo imitations outside of Europe. The secret is in the mix of colors, textures, materials, patterns, and elements that combine to create a cozy, warm, inviting environment that invites you in.

When you use natural materials and traditional furniture design elements to create your farmhouse-inspired interior design, you create a sanctuary of calm and relaxation. If you want a true sanctuary you want your guests and family to feel comfortable and relaxed. That is why your furniture should be comfortable, functional, and affordable. Warmth is key when it comes to rustic home decor.

You want to evoke images of warmth in your living room and kitchen. That is one way to create your rustic farmhouse decor. You want your furnishings and furniture to seem inviting. Wood tones are very popular for living room furniture and dining room sets. Look for dark stains, rich coloring, and detailed designs in wood, as they often appear less “fussy” than more modern furniture pieces.

For those who may have a hard time picturing a barn full of horses, think about a cozy log cabin with a rustic fireplace. The furniture pieces in this decor are simple but attractive. Rustic wooden chairs and tables give the room an inviting look. You can also find benches with interesting wooden seat cushions. Look for solid wood furnishings, such as oak, maple, birch, or pine. Look for woven wood patterns on pillows, table tops, and other items, as well as geometric or floral designs.

Another way to create a farmhouse-like environment is to use warm, bold color palettes, such as reds, blacks, purples, and Burgundies. Pastels and softer hues are also nice choices. This decor style works best with area rugs and other farmhouse accessories. Look for pieces with detailed carvings or detailed hand-sewn patterns. You can find hand-sewn items in wood, wicker, or metal. For added interest, pair your farmhouse theme with a variety of animal print fabrics, from velour to leather.

Garden style decorating styles lend themselves to lightweight, airy pieces. Bold and earthy colors are popular, including greens, oranges, yellows, tans, and reds. You might want to choose light fixtures and wall accents that reflect these bright tones. You may want to incorporate plants and small flower pots to break up the walls between rooms.

Rustic decor is very stylish and offers a cozy look you can live with. You might want to choose old wood flooring, tables, and lamps to create a cozy space. Decorating with natural materials is the perfect way to combine western and eastern design ideas without forcing either style on the other. A good example of this type of decor is a log cabin with rustic interior design features painted in brown, tan, or grey.

Western interior design focuses on natural materials and flat, wide, wooden frames. It is usually accented by dark, neutral tones such as black, gray, and brown. Western style cabinets, sideboards, and drawer fronts are often displayed on wood floors in western-style designs. Wall decor featuring western wall art is a great way to bring this style into your home while still maintaining a sense of modern simplicity.

Country home decor is very popular because of the warm, inviting feel it gives homes. This style is similar to rustic decor, but this style is distinguishable by the prevalence of roosters and the feel of country living. This style highlights simple, round shapes, abundant use of wood, and the addition of wicker, rattan, or other native materials. Country decor is perfect for families who enjoy the charm of the early American lifestyle.

Contemporary home decor styles are designed to be contemporary yet functional. These styles focus on bold geometric shapes and easy, clean lines. The primary colors used in contemporary interior design are white, black, and neutral shades of blue and green. Many contemporary settings are decorated using simple metal or glass furnishings. Glassware and metals are typically showcased with metal hardware.

When shopping for beautiful, unique southwest home decor, you are inspired by the beautiful colors, Native American designs, and southwest accessories. A wonderful place to shop for unique pieces is online. There are thousands of different pieces that you can find in great southwestern designs. If you need a few unique items to add to your home decor, you can visit a number of different websites. The beauty of shopping for this type of home decor style online is that you can browse through many different pieces without driving around to each home decor store to find one that you love.

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Top 5 Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers

Modern Mattress

Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers

What are the different qualities of the best mattresses for side sleepers? Do you need a special mattress for your sleep routine? Do you want to know more about the various mattresses available? If yes, then read on.

As a general rule, side sleeper must seek a mattress that will provide maximum support for your body, which is much more enhanced if you sleep on your side. For this reason, most beds with similar construction materials and components are often recommended since they also conform to body weight distribution. The first layer is the Memory Foam layer, followed by the softer layers. Each of these layers offers support different properties in order to offer maximum comfort for the sleeper. There are many varieties of memory foam available, such as Air Sealed or visco-elastic foam, buckwheat, thermo-plastic and sponge.
Top 5 Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers
If you are seeking maximum spine support, you might want to try out a foam mattress. These mattresses offer good support and comfort, but there is a trade-off with flexibility. A memory foam mattress is great at providing great support, as well as relieving pressure on the spine. However, it is not a good choice for someone seeking flexibility, as it does not follow the curves of the spine. For people seeking this type of mattress, a visco-elastic mattress is a great option.

Latex foam offers excellent support, but it is firmer and less flexible than memory foam. However, latex foam is great at relieving pressure on the spine, and it follows the natural contour of the back. For those who want a firmer mattress with good support, memory or hybrid mattresses are a good choice. These types of mattresses are not as flexible as latex foam, however they are more supportive. In addition, many people who suffer from sleep apnea find these types of mattresses helpful.

One other important factor when choosing the best cooling mattresses is how much insulation the mattress has. The most insulating mattresses are made with a combination of open cell foam and closed cell. They contain more open cells, which allows heat to be dissipated more quickly. This type of mattress generally has an advantage in the winter months, because the air can circulate better.

A side sleeper should have a mattress with plenty of give. This means that your hips and shoulders do not sink into the mattress. If either of these items are too small, you will feel limited in your movements during the night. This can cause you to wake up in the middle of the night, because you were unable to get back into a seated position. The best approach is to find a mattress that has a little give in the middle, which will keep your hips and shoulders properly aligned.

A mattress with a medium to full-size coils is a good choice for side sleepers, as the coils can spread out over a wide surface area. The most popular brands are the Sealy TrueForm, Royal Pedic and Simmons Beautyrest. A few other popular options include the Serta and Simmons Beautyrest Supreme Court, along with the Bernina, Crown, and Serta Kinetic and California King.

There are a number of features you should consider when purchasing a new mattress, including the amount of firmness it provides and its comfort level. You should also think about the layers of foam or latex that it has. Some are more comfortable than others, and you may find that a certain type will make your side sleeper sleep more restful and relaxed if it has more layers of foam in it. The best mattress for side sleepers is a combination of factors that gives them the best comfort and support.

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Top 5 Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers


009 SHABBY CHIC IMAGE 0218 07  Image of 009 SHABBY CHIC IMAGE 0218 07

Shabby Home Decorating Ideas

Shabby Chic is one of the more interesting styles of Interior Design. It is an Americanized version of shabby chic, which originally was in France. Shabby chic was first called French shabby chic. In recent years it has become one of the most popular forms of European interior design. The name Shabby comes from a French word which means shabby.

A few key features of this chic include old wooden furniture, distressed fabrics, floral accents and chenille prints. You can add charm to your home with a shabby chic living room, bedroom or dining room, with a few well-chosen items. Vintage furniture and old wooden pieces are very popular and look great in this style of decor. Vintage clocks, old wooden coat hangers, old wooden toyboys and doll houses add to the charm of this charming shabby chic entryway style.

If you want to give this style a modern twist, then you could try shabby chic furnishings, rugs and accessories. Vintage reproductions of furniture from the Victorian era are a good choice. Look out for pieces with chenille print fabrics, distressed woods and velvet. Vintage jewelry and crystal pieces are another great shabby chic finds. Mix and match distressed wood with bold color schemes and you will have the perfect home away from home.

Shabby chic has its roots in the French country side so any natural elements like stone, brick or ceramics can be used. The furniture can be in any color but usually shabby chic furniture is textured or distressed to give it a worn effect. Washed woods, distressed wood, lace, old paintings and other natural elements to create a romantic, vintage feel. You can use this style in your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room and even the bathroom if you really want to go for that look!

French doors are a big trend in shabby chic furniture. You can find them in various styles such as French toile, Gothic, chenille and many others. This type of door design is very feminine in nature and many women love to have a unique door display in their home that is both unique and beautiful. A lot of this type of French doors have been hand crafted by the best craftsmen and manufacturers and they are then finished with resin to protect them from water damage. They look great and are made from the highest quality materials that can be found so you know that you are getting a great product that won’t easily break or warp.

As with any style of decorating, you need to think about accessorizing your French doors. If you really love this unique style then why not buy some gorgeous crystal pieces that add a sophisticated touch to your French doors? Use crystal candle holders, coasters, picture frames, place mats, cushions and other similar accessories to complete your decor. It is very easy to get caught up in the romantic atmosphere of shabby chic and decorating but you should make sure that whatever you choose will fit in with your existing decor.

There are several colors to choose from when it comes to the color palette of shabby chic furniture and the pale blue is one of the most popular. This hue is perfect if you want a simple and clean look to your French country home entrance. If you decide to use pale blue curtains then make sure that you purchase ones that are very dark. You don’t want them to show any signs of wear as this style of curtain only started becoming popular in the 70’s. If you are going for a more authentic look then you can add a very simple floral print to the pale blue curtains as well as coordinating throw pillows with a pale blue duvet.

For home decorating around a country theme then shabby chic furniture is the way to go. This type of home decor can give any room that extra touch of comfort and make your home feel lived in. It is a very eclectic and stylish way of decorating your home and your western home. Your guests will be surprised and impressed by the beautiful decorating style, you choose when decorating your western home.

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010 SHABBY CHIC IMAGE 0218 07 300x300  Image of 010 SHABBY CHIC IMAGE 0218 07 300x300
Shabby Chic things are frequently painted with many layers, hence revealing places that were clearly timeworn. Washed-out and bleached are techniques frequently used on the design. Classic Linen in earth-tones, or floral shapes with pale colours, cotton ticking designs, are common of in the world of shabby chic fashion.
Flower landscapes are not unpopular within the shabby-chic style of decoration.
shabby chic flowers
shabby chic floral arrangement
This is a gentle, calm, female, intimate fashion of decoration that seems engaging and comfortable.

The fashion started in Britain and is intended to evoke the kind of ornamentation often on display in big country houses where there are distressed and washed-out drapes and old chintz sofas, and old paintwork. Shabby chic’s end consequence would be to reach a total impact that is refined, rather than the sentimentally adorable.

Vintage furniture is common in the world of shabby chic home decor #bohochic #shabbychic #homedecor

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Vintage furniture is common in the world of shabby chic home decor #bohochic #shabbychic #homedecor

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Classic Linens in earth-tones are common in the world of shabby chic fashion #bohochic #shabbychic #homedecor

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Floral shapes with pale colours are popular in shabby chic home decor #bohochic #shabbychic #homedecor

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Shabby Chic

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Boho Home Decor

Boho Bedroom

Tips For Creating Boho Home Decor

Do you want to decorate your home in Boho chic? If so, then here are some tips on how to achieve a chic, bohemian feel in your home. We say “chic” because unlike other styles of interior design, which are usually heavily decorated and showy, Boho chic aims to be comfortable, welcoming, and stylish. Here are some tips on how to make your home boho chic.

Choosing the right patterns. The most important aspect of boho home decor is its patterns. There are different patterns for everything from walls to furnishings, to hair accessories and even bedding. Some people might get bored with the same patterns so much so that they end up getting a new bedspread or pillow cover every week. Don’t let yourself be like that. Instead, choose patterns that complement your tastes, but which also have a strong connection to the bohemian look (or the street-smart, sophisticated urban look, for that matter).

Use rich colors. Unlike most styles of interior decor, boho wall decor actually highlights the natural qualities of the materials used. Natural tones include those colors found in your garden or along the beach, seashells and nautical decorations, etc. Instead of using bold, loud colors, choose soft, natural tones in your home decor. This way, you can still bring in colors from the wild, such as seashells, but at the same time, keep your accents in neutral tones, such as off-white and beige, which are very common in bohemian interior decorating.

Use unique textures. One of the great things about bohemian style is that it features lots of handcrafted, organic designs, with a lot of wooden effects and raw, vibrant colors. You can use these textures in your own home without having to pay a lot of money; just browse around flea markets and second-hand shops for old knick-knacks, or even old pieces of clothing to incorporate into your boho style.
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Choose interesting accessories. The bohemian style itself is quite unique, so it’s all the more fun to come up with unique items that will set it apart from other home decor themes. One great idea is to incorporate the bohemian sensibility with vintage jewelry pieces. This way, you not only get to combine bohemian colors with pieces that have a bit of vintage charm, but you can also accessorize with other interesting bits and pieces. Vintage pieces of jewelry that you can include as accessories in your bohemian style include vintage beaded belts, vintage watches, vintage hair clips, funky hair colors, funky earrings, and more.

Work with textured surfaces. Because bohemian homes tend to emphasize the natural, organic qualities of items and fabrics, you may want to choose your walls and furniture in similar textures and patterns. If you have a larger space, try playing up the bohemian elements on the walls by painting them with bright reds and pinks. If you’re living room is small, you can pull the design together with earthy, neutral tones. There are also plenty of bohemian prints available in various textures for you to choose from.

Add vintage decorative items. Some of the best things to pair with bohemian decor are decorative items with a vintage flair – things like wrought iron candle holders, vintage paintings, or interesting textiles. You can find many bohemian decorative items online, which will give you not only an extensive selection, but will save you from spending money on outdated reproductions that aren’t really worth the investment.

Look for bohemian patterns. Because bohemian style houses tend to be decorated in a very eclectic way, it’s easy to come up with a lot of different decorative patterns. Once you start looking through websites and catalogs devoted to bohemian home decor, though, you’ll probably notice that there are several common elements. These include floral prints, stripes, polka dots, animal prints, earth tones, jungle greens, and so on. Find a few decorative items that you love, then use a color wheel to match similar colors, such as plaid, paisley, stripes, plaid again, brown, or gold. You can then match those patterns with similar textiles, like shag, corduroy, velvet, or suede.

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Boho Home Decor


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Boho-chic is a style of fashion drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences, which, at its height in late 2005 was associated particularly with actress Sienna Miller and model Kate Moss in the United Kingdom and (as “boho” chic) actress and businesswoman Mary-Kate Olsen in the United States.
It has been seen since the early 1990s and, although appearing to wane from time to time, has repeatedly re-surfaced in varying guises. Many elements of boho-chic became popular in the late 1960s and some date back much further, being associated, for example, with pre-Raphaelite women of the mid-to-late 19th century.

Excerpt From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boho-chic

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Boho Home Decor

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