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I dream already very long is a large kitchen. This is all the places in the house where I always think of how I would address in which lamps, accessories, and dishes I would like. Do not get me wrong, a huge walk-in closet is definitely on my wishlist but kitchen … sigh … yes, that is secretly at No. 1. Today I would, therefore, like beautiful kitchen inspiration with you. Do you watch it?

The kitchen accessories should be a place where really lived for me, a large dining table with plenty of seating where you drink tea cozy , bubbles and of course eat delicious with family or friends. While you can enjoy cooking with the stories and gezellligheid . 

Though I have a reasonable idea of how it should look , I think still regularly beautiful pictures of kitchens that really inspire me out . This kitchen ( above ) by Studio Ferrania I think certainly very special in terms of design , materials, and accessories . Rural, stylish, yet tight and a little rugged.

Another example which opens my kitchenware is the heart of this wonderful design of West Kensington . It has the little country thing but chiques wherever I like very much in a kitchen.

Dakotadave.com Home Decor

I love different service styles (apparently inherited from my mother). This service of DAOM I really speaks immediately ! Beautiful colors , nice design , fits into the pastel trend,  and the fun shapes that fit together , you can nicely on your dinnerware table “ decorate ” .

A brand that I have sometimes captivated am the brand Le Creuset . Those colors ! From bright to pastels. Each kitchen princess would surely have are such a beautiful colored pan.

A nice tablecloth and napkins should certainly not be missed. This tablecloth Jurianne Matter has a very natural look and feel fits perfectly with the rural and sleek kitchen .

Another very striking brand Bormiolli . How cute are these scales !

A point where I ’m always critical of enlightenment , I do not find a lamp pretty quickly. This particular chandelier falls cleanly straight to me in the taste. The whole picture , I find beautiful. This lamp is brand BB Interior.

Perhaps slightly over the top but wow, those chairs haha! Secretly I keep it there again , no standard and a very nice color . The seats are 2A Design.How your kitchen is big or small, you can’t as beautiful and special as you want. I love that wonderful inspiration for beautiful kitchen ideas!

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Source:  www.urbandazzle.com/cook-n-preserve/kitchen-accessories-1.html

Dakotadave.com Home Decor

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