All of it started on a trip in Los Angeles in very early 1999. I was getting in touch with my future brother-in-law on a trip on the 405 freeway. I was explaining my company strategy to him, and he thought it was an excellent concept. From that moment it was born.

In March of 1999 I put in a company phone line in to my apartment and positioned an advertisement in the yellow pages in San Francisco. The advertisement started running in June. The really first day the advertisement came out four individuals called. Home Decor I was creating orders from my bedroom and consumers were improving from my garage. We ultimately discovered a retail place in October of 1999 and opened up on October 15th. My sweetheart (who is now my spouse) was finishing college in 1999 and ran the outlet 4 days a week; we were shut the various other days while she was at school. I was handling the family business full-time and sustaining us. For the initial 10 months, her income was $3 each hr. I put every cent we had into the firm. Our very first several months were extremely lean. By February 1st of 2000 we were virtually broke. But with the lease spent for the month, and a month of sales ahead, we pressed on. Today, 12 years later, business is expanding.

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