Organic Mattress Topper Certification – Makes Your Mattress Truly Eco-Friendly

Organic latex mattress toppers provide the ideal solution for people suffering from back problems. Organic mattresses are considered to be more environmentally-friendly compared to regular latex mattresses, and a topper is a great way to extend the life of your existing mattress. It’s no secret that regular latex mattresses contain an element called pincushion that acts as a cushion, allowing you to stay comfortable without getting too hot, sweaty or tired. Unfortunately, this same element that provides comfort also allows the foam to mold and form onto the surface of your bed, which can result in unsightly lumps and bumps, particularly in older mattresses or if they have fallen apart.

These unsightly “molds” can cause pain, itchiness, and a whole host of other annoying conditions, all brought about by the “action” of rubbing against the mattress pad. With an organic latex pad, you can reduce the “molding” effect as well as reduce the discomfort associated with it. Also, you can usually select from a variety of thicknesses and firmness levels – so there’s really no reason not to enjoy the comfort of the original mattress pad. And because these pads don’t form molds, they’re safe for everyone and won’t promote the growth of bacteria or allergens.

There are a number of different types of toppers available. Organic latex bed toppers come in two types – the flat and the “tea” topper. The flat type offers additional comfort when you need it, but has a firmer feel when the original mattress is in use. The tea topper offers a softer feel than the flat type, but is firmer when required. Made out of all natural materials, tea toppers offer a refreshing scent as well as extra firmness to provide additional comfort.
Organic Mattress Topper
A good quality twin size or full size mattress topper will provide adequate support and extra comfort over time. If you suffer from back or leg problems, there are topper choices with a special “S” design designed to aid these specific areas. Many people find that choosing a quality, supportive twin size topper is the most cost effective option for them as they will then be able to sleep soundly each night.

Choosing a thickness to match your existing mattress is essential to getting the right fit. Typically, the thicker you want your insert to be the more money you’ll end up paying. Thicker inserts will also last longer than those which are not of the proper thickness. However, if you have a thick existing mattress that requires to be refilled, consider a thicker organic mattress pad, as these pads will provide the same amount of support and comfort.

Many people who suffer from back pain choose to purchase a memory foam insert. Memory foam is renowned for its ability to mold and conform to a person’s body. Because it conforms, it alleviates pressure points while sleeping and relieves neck and head pressure, which can often cause soreness and muscle pain. Because it also relieves pressure, you won’t end up using as much pillow during the night and will experience more restful sleep. Unfortunately, most consumers cannot tell which brand and model will offer the right level of support and comfort and thus will unknowingly be compromising their health.

In addition to choosing a mattress topper based on the right thickness, you should also look for a mattress topper that is made from certified organic material. While many people do not realize that the material they’re buying is not all natural, it is. Most commonly, latex is used in mattress products. But what many consumers don’t realize is that latex, while made from rubber tree sap, is made from a synthetic derivative of rubber called polyurethane. As a result, this product is actually considered a “chemical compound” by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Synthetic polyurethane is the ingredient used to make most all types of down mattress toppers today. It has no smell, has no scent, and will never change how you feel. So, instead of buying a latex topper, look for a synthetic topper that utilizes all natural rubber tree sap and has been thoroughly tested for its breathability and safety. There is a better choice. Your health is too important to risk having to sacrifice your comfort for the sake of some so called “green” conscience marketers and eco-friendly manufacturers.

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