There are different kinds of pesticides available these days, which have proven to be highly effective to eliminate bedbugs. However, these pesticides pose a few hazardous health risks. Therefore, people have now turned to non-toxic and natural treatment modes for bedbugs.

Heat is by far one of the safest treatments for bedbugs. These tiny bugs are extremely sensitive to heat and would be eliminated easily at higher temperatures. All steaming as well as heat treatments could be done at a temperature over 45 degrees. Bedbugs can easily travel from one place to another around the house. Heating treatments would restrict their mobility and hence prevent further infestation. Also, while taking up heat treatments in your house, you must always be wary of other materials in the space, whether they would be able to withstand heat or not. Home Decor In addition, cold treatments are also beneficial to exterminate the bedbugs. These treatments would have a higher content of carbon dioxide which would freeze these bugs and hence kill them. As soon as these little organisms are exposed to cold, the water in their cells would freeze and you wouldn’t even need to empty the house.
Most treatments that contain pesticides would prove to be harmful for your health as well as your family’s health. As far as the natural treatments are concerned, they are safe and can be used without evacuating the house completely. There are several smokers existing in the market as well, which contain a small percentage of pesticides which would suffocate these bugs and kill them eventually.

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