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Wall tiles in stylish colors your house immediately give character . A classically styled shower combine elegance with subway tiles and natural stone. A serene toilet brings you to life with wall tiles with mosaic. Everything is possible if you find it beautiful.

Play comfortable with color , peace , relief and shine. Work with decor strips, light and combinations of wall tiles. With smart contrasts create a unique space that suits you.

The designer tiles adds a charm to the floor and embellish the look of it.

Consider in advance :

Do you enjoy uncluttered, sleek and soothing ?
Whether you go for a cozy environment that can be lived ?
Do you find it difficult to imagine the effect of combinations ? On the tile projects, you will find examples of bathrooms and kitchens with wall tiles in various combinations .

Wall Tiles

Have you chosen your wall tiles ? Then you can convert them . Pay attention to a few things:

  • The surface should be as flat as possible , otherwise, you will see that reflected in the tiled wall.
  • Consider light.
  • Think ahead so that you are left with no stubs .
  • Play with various lengths and widths .

Would you prefer not to work ? Turn us for making wall tiles.

Capstona offers the best quality of elevation tiles for home and wall tiles for the bathroom. We are leading semi-precious tiles and wash basins manufacturer and exporter of elegant wall tiles.

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