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The Different Types of Duvet Covers

Duvet Covers come in a range of sizes, fabrics and styles for every season and bedroom theme. With so many choices to choose from, duvet covers have been the top choice for home decorating for over a century. They are available in almost every color and pattern imaginable. This is also true for comforters, bed skirts and quilts; the choices are almost endless. From a simple pattern for a nursery duvet cover to an elaborate and expensive Italianate cover for a bedroom, comforters and duvet covers can give your home a new look without spending a fortune on new furnishings.

A duvet cover is an easy and inexpensive way to update a room. They come in such a wide variety of colors, patterns and fabrics that you can give any room in your house a new and interesting feel with very little cost. Because they are machine washable, you can wash them as often as you like, without worries about them wearing out or color losing their beautiful shades. With the right cover, even a washer set and dryer can wash them for you.

Because you do not have to purchase a new comforter or bed skirt to give your bedding a fresh look, duvet covers offer a practicality that cannot be matched by an inexpensive alternative. You do not have to wash or dry clean your duvet cover like you would a traditional blanket or comforter. This typically saves you money in the long run because it will not wear out which means fewer expenses to pay for replacements.

Duvet covers are made from a wide range of fabrics ranging from materials like Egyptian cotton to softer blends of cotton. Some are made with micro-suede while others have a plush cotton finish that can provide warmth and maximum comfort. They typically come in a few different sizes to fit most standard size mattresses. Cotton is typically the most affordable fabric for duvet covers as well as one of the easiest to care for.

A popular fabric for duvet covers is polyester. It is made from synthetic thread count which allows for higher thread count levels on the fabric itself. This makes the material soft and comfortable to sleep on but also allows it to dry relatively quickly. In addition, it is available in a wide range of colors so you can match the design and color of your bedding to your decor. It can also be washed in the washing machine without any loss of comfort or color.

Duvet Covers come in two basic styles, those you flip over and those that hang. Flip down duvet covers hang from the duvet cover itself. These are often called “dormer” shams because they resemble the door to a dorm room. These come with an elastic band at the top that hooks behind the head of the bed. These are usually machine washable, but you may need to hand wash them to prevent fading.

Hanging duvet covers can be a little more challenging. You need to have a few tools handy to pull them down: a pair of nails, a measuring tape, a stool, a hammer, or even an electric drill. Once you’ve figured out how high you want your insert to go, you’ll need to use some patience to get the insert up into place. Depending on the density of the stuffing, you may need to make several firmer pushes to get the cover into place before it starts to slide down. Once you have it securely in place, you can then start to work on the next step of your project, the bunching.

Buntings are very easy to do. All you need to do is gather up all of your duvet covers and the blanket or comforter you plan to use them with. Lay the blankets or sheets flat on top of one another, and tape the undersides of the linens to the flat surfaces nearest to the floor (the edges of the duvet covers and the baseboard). Using the same measuring tape and the same stool or hammer, slowly but steadily push the blanket or mattress into place until it is completely covered, creating a snug, warm, enclosed area where you will be able to curl up with a good book or sit by the fire without freezing to death.

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Duvet Covers

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