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How to Care For Fitted Sheets

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The material that you choose to use for your Fitted Sheet depends on the atmosphere of your room as well as your personal choice.

Generally, a fitted sheet is just a square or quadrant-shaped bed sheet attached to the frame of your mattress. Generally, the fitted sheets is attached to the frame of your mattress with elasticated corners around the edges of the fitted sheets or the corners of both the sheets. However, when it’s around the sides of the sheet it’s known as the shower curtain style. It’s important to note that these sheets are more often than not, only available in white but there are ones available in blue and pink too.

The most popular styles in fitted sheets are fitted flat, zipped and hanger on. The first one zips under the arms while the second one is designed to go over the shoulders. This type of design is used more in children’s rooms or when the person sleeping on the bed is small or obese. You can also find a sleeve type fitted sheets that goes from the bottom of your mattress to the top of your legs. This one is generally designed to be worn underneath your trousers or skirts. On the other hand, the bottom sheet that goes across your legs is known as a footed type of fitted sheets which you only find in workplaces.

Generally, all fitted sheets have four corners which are stitched to the edge of your mattress. The corners are stitched so that they form an X which denotes the four corners which the fitted sheets go through. If you want to make the mattress more firm, try sewing the corners at least an inch apart. If you want softer materials, you can always choose the ones that have no corners or are flat.

When you’re getting fitted sheets for the first time, you have the option to either get elastic bandages for the corners or use the elastic bandages that are supplied with the sheets. Elastic bandages work best with the flat types of fitted sheets since they help spread the weight of your body across the whole mattress. This results in more comfort and a better night’s rest.

The most common material used for fitted bed sheets is cotton since it allows air to circulate during hot seasons and keep cool during colder seasons. However, if you find that your body is a lot heavier at certain points, consider using silk or even wool. They are great because they allow more air to flow through and stay dry even when your skin is extremely hot. Choosing between these different fabrics is really just a matter of personal preference. Remember though that the woolened fabric will make you sweat a lot more and you probably shouldn’t use them during the summer season.

When washing fitted sheets, you have to be extra careful because even though they are fitted, they still tend to wrinkles if you overdo it. Flat sheets are much easier to wash since they are flat and they don’t have any parts which can be bent. You should also consider how delicate and smooth your sheet is. It would be a good idea to run a damp wash through with the laundry detergent and water cycle on the highest spin settings. If possible, try not to wash the sheets with any other fabrics like silk since they can damage the elastic band along with your sheets.

In addition to making sure that you properly wash your fitted sheets, another thing that you should consider is how often you should wash the fitted sheets by. Usually, sheets that have elastic bands are best washed once per week. The reason behind this is that the elastic band tends to get wrinkles and folds very easily which makes it necessary for you to wash the sheet once per week. Other types of sheets that you should wash more often include cot sheets and pillow cases which have more complex designs.

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Fitted Sheets

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