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There is nothing better than a well-organized kitchen. Finding everything you need to when you need it makes cooking your favorite dishes a whole lot easier and more enjoyable. Sleek and chic. There are ways to turn your kitchen into the perfect modern minimalist kitchen.

Cut down on Clutter

You don’t need 5 of everything in your kitchen. Keep your best whisks and toss or donate the rest. It will provide more storage space for other items.

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Only keep the daily appliances on deck

The more counter space the better. Counter space is essential for cooking especially if you are making large meals with a lot of different ingredients and spices. You can do assembly line style to make the process quick and efficient.

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Magnetic Spice Racks and Knife Holders

If you want to clear up even more drawer space and counter space, opt for magnetic spice racks and knife holders. If it can’t go down, it can go up. They are easy to place practically anywhere in the kitchen with a ledge or some extra wall space.

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Counter Stools

Modern counter stools are all the rage these days. No need to sit at the dining table if you have an island or counter for breakfast or for a quick meal. If you really want to bring the modern style to new heights, opt for reproductions of mid-century modern stools by famous mid-century modern designers. Home Decor

All White or Black and White Color Palette

All white and black and white gives your kitchen that squeaky clean feeling. You can add splashes of color here and there, but allow the food being made, the fruit bowl, the spice rack, the floral arrangement and few accent pieces provide the color to your minimalist kitchen.

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Very few handles

Less is more. Allow your modern minimalist kitchen appear like white walls with a few metallic accents to highlight where the built-in appliances are. It may be a bit of a challenge for guests to find utensils and appliances, but it keeps your kitchen chic and sleek.

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Shelving for Storage

Once your declutter by removing duplicates of items, don’t be afraid to provide shelving for your appliances and other kitchen essentials. Not everything has to remain hidden.

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These minimalist kitchen ideas will bring your contemporary kitchen up-to-date with the latest in modern kitchen design and decor. Be prepared for faster meal prep and easier to spot messes! Home Decor

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