Purchasing a mattress is a huge commitment since you’ll have a relationship with that mattress that is almost as long and intimate as a marriage. You want to know you can trust that mattress to last, to give you comfort, and to offer you the support you need when you’re in the most pain. That’s why you need as much information as you can get to help you find the right match.

The plushbeds mattress memory foam  Image of The plushbeds mattress memory foam

Instead of dating and hoping you happen to discover the right mattress, you can research the types of mattresses and the various manufacturers online, with tons of resources to help you determine what the most important aspects are for your relief. In this review, we’re looking at the full like of Plushbeds mattresses, which offers you a variety of mattress types, thicknesses, and lofts to meet your needs. With this kind of information, you can better decide if one of these luxurious options is the one for you.

The Beginning

Some of the most popular mattresses today aren’t found in brick and mortar stores but rather online, delivered to your doorstep. These are called bed-in-a-box mattresses, and that’s where Plushbeds has made its name as a manufacturer. The company is now one of the leading manufacturers of latex and hybrid mattresses in the online industry.

Plushbeds mattress in a box  Image of Plushbeds mattress in a box

They are considered high quality, luxury products, with a great reputation among consumers. In fact, it’s not just the public that views Plushbeds as a great, environmentally conscious manufacturer. Their latex mattresses have all been rated as some of the safest products to sleep with. They are certified by GOLS, GOTS, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, and GreenGuard Gold for their safe and clean manufacturing practices. This means that they are virtually chemical-free. In addition, the materials used to make these mattresses are sustainably sourced.

The Details

Plushbeds offers three very highly rated mattresses, two that are hybrids of latex and pocketed coils and one that is all latex. The Botanical Bliss mattress is all latex and wool, and it has variable firmness levels, based on your choice at the time of checkout. The Natural Bliss mattress is all latex and is made with fully natural materials that are both animal-free and vegan, making them acceptable to anyone. The third mattress, the Luxury Bliss mattress, is a hybrid mattress that contains wool, latex, and fabric encased coils for both responsive pressure relief and comfort.

Plushbeds types of mattresses  Image of Plushbeds types of mattresses

While there are other mattresses available in the Plushbeds mattresses catalog of products, these are the most popular and all have intentions that are clear. The design elements in these particular mattresses are meant to create a cooler, breathable sleep space, as well as relief of back pain and other pressure point problems. You have a variety of firmness options, which means they’re suitable for all types of sleepers, as well.

Plushbeds mattresses are shipped anywhere in the contiguous United States at no charge. They are part of the bed in a box industry, which means they are compressed, vacuum sealed, and boxed, to be opened and inflated upon arrival. White glove service isn’t offered, but upon request, Plushbeds will offer information on local craftsmen who can help set up your new mattress for as little as $99. Your mattress will arrive by UPS Ground, with an arrival date between five and ten business days after the order, depending on holidays, weekends, and mattress of choice, since it will be made to order.

Initial Impressions

One of the really nice things about Plushbeds is that they offer so many options in their line of mattresses. Even just looking at these three most popular models, you have a wide variety of sizes, thicknesses, and lofts (or firmness levels). This means it’s possible to satisfy almost any consumer by creating the perfect sleep environment.

Plushbeds Mattress Thickness Options  Image of Plushbeds Mattress Thickness Options

In addition to a great sleep space, the mattress lineup also reassures that consumers feel good about buying one of the Plushbeds mattresses. Products are environmentally friendly, safe for consumers with little or no chemicals used in the manufacturing and certified by multiple agencies as such. Materials are sustainably sourced, so there’s no need to worry about consuming too many resources for the mattresses, and the finished product is great for those who have serious allergies, asthma, or who are sensitive to chemicals. Everything is organic or as close to it as possible.

Another thing that stands out is the quality of the construction of the Plushbeds mattresses, which is backed by extensive warranties, lasting between 20 and 25 years, depending on the exact product. The mattresses I inspected didn’t have loose threads or broken seams, and they felt like they could stand up to even the roughest sleepers.


The three most popular Plushbeds mattresses each have their own construction mix, and they come in multiple thicknesses, depending on your preference, which then also changes the proportions of what is used in their manufacture. Here, we’ll run through the construction of each mattress and how that changes with the variety of thicknesses. However, all of the mattresses, regardless of size, have a mattress cover made of organic cotton, which is cool and soft to the touch.

Plushbeds mattress construction  Image of Plushbeds mattress construction

The Botanical Bliss mattress is all latex and comes in three thicknesses, each offering an option for medium or firm loft. The 9-inch version has a 1-inch layer of organic Juma wool that acts as a fire retardant, a cooling layer, and a soft cushion. Beneath that, you have 2 inches of organic Arpico Dunlop latex, created to have a gentle contour that doesn’t create quite as much sinkage as memory foam, so you get pressure point relief without feeling stuck in the mattress.

The next layer of the Botanical Bliss is another layer of the same latex, 3 inches thick and a bit firmer, acting as a transitional layer. This assures you have the support you need while you sleep, to hold the contouring and assure your spine is properly aligned all night.

The final layer is a base layer of Dunlop latex, which is much denser. These 3 inches of latex is the foundation of the mattress, giving it a shape and support system and letting the other layers perform properly.

In the 10-inch version, there is an extra inch in the transition layer. In the 12-inch Botanical Bliss mattress, the transitional layer is the same as the 9 inches, but you have 2 base layers of latex that add up to a total of 6 inches for a firmer mattress.

Medium and firmness plusbeds  Image of Medium and firmness plusbeds

The Natural Bliss collection of Plushbeds mattresses consists of 3 thicknesses, each offered in 4 levels of firmness – soft, medium, medium-firm, and extra firm. The organic cotton covers are stretchy, making them fit these mattresses (which are a bit thinner than the Botanical Bliss line) quite well.

The 6-inch version of the Natural Bliss mattress, which is 100% organic, has only a single layer of organic Dunlop latex, while the 8-inch version incorporates a 2-inch comfort layer of natural Talalay latex on top of that for more contouring and a slightly softer feel.

The Luxury Bliss mattress is a bit different in several ways from the other two lines of mattresses. First, it’s a hybrid mattress, with 12 inches of loft that contain 8 inches of pocketed coils and 3 inches of organic Dunlop latex. The coils are the comfort layer, highly contouring for spinal alignment and pressure point relief. Beneath that, the 3 inches of dense latex provides a core that supports the shape and feel of the mattress, adding the right amount of bounce while also creating a sturdy base on which the coils can rest without letting you sink too deep. An additional inch of loft comes from the layer of organic wool quilted into the organic cotton cover, which provides cooling, moisture-wicking, and fire-retardant properties.

The Luxury Bliss mattress from Plushbeds only comes in one configuration, with a medium firmness, which is another way that it varies from the other popular lines provided by Plushbeds. However, it has a very luxurious feel that makes it extremely popular.

20 year warranty

Plush beds 150x150  Image of Plush beds 150x150

Plushbeds Mattress

Back and side sleepers will find these mattresses the most comfortable, but stomach sleepers can also try the Natural Bliss medium-firm version.

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Features and Benefits

Perhaps what I find most satisfying about the Plushbeds mattresses is the variety of configurations. Choosing one could be difficult, but they provide guidance on that by telling you about firmness levels and thicknesses, as well as materials. In these three mattress lines alone, you have 7 different lofts, and when you add in the firmness options, you get 13 different mattresses. You can choose materials as well, with 2 of the mattresses being all latex and the other a hybrid of latex and coils.

Organic latex side sleeper  Image of Organic latex side sleeper

Another beneficial feature of the Plushbeds mattresses is that they are organic and carry one of the highest ratings for their safety in the industry. In addition, you get free delivery via UPS, meaning you have the ability to track your package. And while it typically takes 7 to 9 days to receive your mattress once you order, that’s because your mattress is made to order and not stored in a warehouse. This adds quality to the manufacturing, as well as cutting back on your cost due to less overhead for the Plushbeds company.


Like most mattresses, the Plushbeds line of mattresses is offered in a variety of sizes. You get the standards – Twin, Full, Queen, and King – as well as Twin XL and California King, extended sizes. It’s easy to find the right size for the application, both in terms of room size and sleeper needs.

Side and back sleepers seem to enjoy these 3 mattresses the most, regardless of the individual’s size, and they are great for people who like a little bounce in their mattresses since latex offers this feature. If you sleep hot at night or have lower back pain, you’ll find these mattresses satisfactory as well, due to the cooling properties as well as the contouring. In addition, those who are very conscious of the environment can enjoy eco-friendly products with the fully natural and organic materials sourced by Plushbeds to make their mattresses.

Size Dimensions Weight Price
Twin 38″ x 75″ x 10″ 75 lbs Check Price
Twin XL 38″ x 80″ x 10″ 80 lbs Check Price
Full 54″ x 75″ x 10″ 115 lbs Check Price
Queen 60″ x 80″ x 10″ 130 lbs Check Price
King 76″ x 80″ x 10″ 155 lbs Check Price
Cal King 72″ x 84″ x 10″ 155 lbs Check Price

Heat Transfer

As I’ve mentioned already, latex and wool have great cooling properties, and the organic cotton covers also help in this particular feature. I sleep very hot, often suffering from night sweats. While I couldn’t control the sweating, I found that I was much cooler through the night sleeping on all 3 of these mattresses. In addition, those with wool either in the mattress or in the cover kept me from sleeping in a damp spot, wicking away the moisture and drying much faster so that I could get through the night without an issue.

Organic mattress insertion  Image of Organic mattress insertion


The Plushbeds mattresses seem to have excellent support throughout most of the mattresses, with sturdy construction that’s reliable and backed by a very long warranty. However, in testing the biggest downfall of bed-in-a-box mattresses, I found they each had similar issues with edge support.

None of them felt particularly scary as I rolled toward the edge, and none of them made me feel like I was going to slide off if I sat on the edge to put shoes on. However, there was distinct sinking and compression as I neared the very edge. This is common, and I’ve definitely seen worse.

20 year warranty

Plush beds 150x150  Image of Plush beds 150x150

Plushbeds Mattress

Back and side sleepers will find these mattresses the most comfortable, but stomach sleepers can also try the Natural Bliss medium-firm version.

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Maintenance, Protection, Care and Warranty

The covers of all the Plushbeds mattresses are removable and easily laundered. You can wash and replace when dry, and they seem to hold up well on a gentle cycle in a washing machine. You won’t necessarily need a plastic mattress cover because these covers do a great job of protecting your mattress. However, if you intend to use your Plushbeds mattress in a child’s room, you may want the added protection.

Plushbeds mattress cleaning process  Image of Plushbeds mattress cleaning process

You have 100 nights to try out the mattresses from Plushbeds risk-free. If you don’t like the way it feels, you can return or exchange your mattress free of charge (if you opt for a more expensive mattress, you’ll need to pay the difference). The only caveat is that you are required to complete a 30-night trial before returning your mattress. There are also specific instructions for returns.

Better yet, the Plushbeds mattress lines come with a very long 20-year warranty (applied to all Eco Bliss lines, with other available mattresses coming with a 25-year warranty). The first 10 years are fully warrantied, with the additional 10 being prorated.


Depending on the mattress you order, the cost can vary greatly. Size and loft come into play, as well as the different lines. The least expensive of the 3 here is the Natural Bliss mattress, ranging from $799 to $2,199. The Luxury Bliss starts at $999 and reaches up to $1,799. The Botanical Bliss ranges from $1,099 to $2,599. To give you the best possible comparison, Queen size mattresses cost:

Considering the naturally sourced and organic materials used, as well as the quality construction, these mattresses are all a little pricey but can create a perfect sleep environment for decades. That could definitely be worth the price.

Reviews and Feedback

Feedback and review plushbeds  Image of Feedback and review plushbeds

Based on the published reviews, there is little complaint about any of the Plushbeds mattresses. Newcomers to the market sometimes find it difficult to determine which mattress is best, but with the ability to change your loft or firmness during the trial period, you’ll find that even a wrong decision can be easily corrected.

Also, most stomach sleepers don’t enjoy these mattresses, although the medium firm version of the Natural Bliss mattress performs well in this area. Overall, these mattresses are highly rated in all categories, and the trials and warranties are excellent, giving you peace of mind with your purchase.

20 year warranty

Plush beds 150x150  Image of Plush beds 150x150

Plushbeds Mattress

Back and side sleepers will find these mattresses the most comfortable, but stomach sleepers can also try the Natural Bliss medium-firm version.

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Who Would We Recommend the Plushbeds Mattress For?

Plush beds features and review  Image of Plush beds features and review

Those who have joint problems, muscle aches and pains, and difficulty with spinal alignment can benefit from Plushbeds mattresses, and because of the materials used, they naturally lend themselves to those who sleep hot. People who prefer to buy from environmentally conscious companies will benefit from purchasing one of these mattresses as well.

Back and side sleepers will find these mattresses the most comfortable, but stomach sleepers can also try the Natural Bliss medium-firm version.

20 year warranty

Plush beds 150x150  Image of Plush beds 150x150

Plushbeds Mattress

Back and side sleepers will find these mattresses the most comfortable, but stomach sleepers can also try the Natural Bliss medium-firm version.

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Our Final Verdict

Plush beds mattress verdict  Image of Plush beds mattress verdict

I really enjoyed the feel and the variety of the Plushbeds mattresses, and I found them to be very high quality. The materials are high end, organic, and safe for even those with severe allergies. The warranty keeps coming to mind, which tells me that it’s long enough to make a consumer feel confident in the purchase.

Overall, while the price is a bit higher than preferable for each of these mattresses, I would deem them worthy of the cost because of the way they are constructed, the fact that Plushbeds aims to be more environmentally conscious than the average mattress manufacturer, and the fact that the natural properties of the mattresses lead to a cooler, more contoured sleep space that doesn’t compromise the bounce of latex.

20 year warranty

Plush beds 150x150  Image of Plush beds 150x150

Plushbeds Mattress

Back and side sleepers will find these mattresses the most comfortable, but stomach sleepers can also try the Natural Bliss medium-firm version.

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Is a mattress cover needed?

The Plushbeds mattresses come with a removable mattress cover, all organic cotton (and some with wool or elasticity) so you don’t need to purchase one separately.

How does the returns process work?

All Plushbeds Eco-Bliss mattresses come with a 100-night sleep trial and a mandatory 30-night trial before returning, and if you aren’t happy with your mattress after that time, you can return for a full refund. You may also exchange for a different loft or firmness, as long as you pay the difference.

Where can these mattresses be shipped?

Plushbeds mattresses can ship all throughout the contiguous United States via UPS and are delivered free of charge.

Is the loft adjustable?

Each mattress has its own loft, both thickness, and firmness, and they are not adjustable. However, if you chose the wrong one the first time, you have the option of exchanging for the difference in cost during the trial period.

What type of sleeper is this mattress best suited for?

Any hot sleeper or sleeper who deals with joint pain.

Plushbeds Mattress

  • Heat Retention

  • Quality/Durability

  • Loft (inches)

  • Edge Support

  • Off-gassing

  • Value (Price)

  • 100-night trial (30 nights required)

  • Refunds

  • 25 warranty (10 full, 10 prorated)


Best for what sleep position?

The Plushbeds mattresses we’ve discussed here are best for back and side sleepers due to firmness and configuration, which is meant to assist with joint pain and pressure point relief.


Cover – Organic cotton (plus elasticity for Natural Bliss, plus organic wool for Luxury Bliss)

Fill – Dunlop Latex (plus pocketed coils for the Luxury Bliss, organic wool for the Botanical Bliss)

Base – High-density organic Dunlop Latex


  • Bounce as well as contouring for joint and pressure point relief
  • Multiple thicknesses, firmness, and material options across 3 different mattresses
  • All are eco-friendly and organic (certified)


  • May take a while to off-gas
  • May be too expensive for those on a tight budget

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