Whether you hire a housekeeper or not, the amount of time spent on cleaning your house should be kept at a minimum. Noone wants to make an entire day of scrubbing the floors, cleaning the rugs and wiping down every nook and cranny in the place. These are 10 easy ways to keep the time spent on house cleaning down.

After cooking, immediately wipe down the burners and stove.

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Wait until the stove cools down of course, but this task is one of the most tedious because food is sticky and hardens. Before you know it, the gunk piles up and you are soaking your burners for an entire day trying to remove the food build up. Plus, food can stain the metal insert underneath the burners when you don’t wipe it clean regularly.

Vacuum your rugs and carpets weekly.

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Noone wants to whip out the vacuum every day but taking the time to vacuum weekly will prevent too much dirt and dust to pile up. These are carpet killers. Not enough maintenance will make the rugs look shabby. Plus, it will force you to do a deep cleaning with a high-powered carpet cleaner which is much more time consuming and energy depleting. Another helpful tip: invest in a vacuum that doesn’t require a power cord. This way, you won’t have to keep plugging and unplugging it from room to room.

Get a shower squeegee.

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That’s right, a squeegee for your shower. Each time you are done showering, spend a few extra minutes using the squeegee on the walls and doors (if your shower has a door) removing any soap residue. The water from your shower will make it easy to wipe them clean. This prevents soap build up and removes any dirt or grime that may have flung off your body while showering.

Dry cleaning before wet cleaning.

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If you grab a microfiber duster or cloth, use this to wipe down surfaces, fixtures and appliances before using a damp rag. Picking up the dry grime before the wet won’t completely soil the wet rag in dirt and dust. In fact, if you use a damp rag before a dry one, you may be simply adding and re-adding the dirt you just wiped off back onto the surface.

Purge the fridge weekly.

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Out with the old and in with the new. The vile smell in your kitchen may be the chicken from two weeks ago you forget to throw out. Not only does not regularly cleaning out your fridge create foul scents, old food can leak and contaminate surrounding food. Plus, it can be deceiving when you are ready to cook a meal. You go and reach for that expired milk to make homemade mashed potatoes and UH OH! Now you have to stop what you are doing to run to the grocery store to get more.

Tidy before you thoroughly clean.

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We may live busy lives. Throwing our clothes on the floor instead of the hamper on our way out of the door or leaving dishes in our bedroom when we want to pig out while watching a TV show. If we aren’t tidy on a regular basis, we want to be sure to put things where they belong and declutter the space before we go in for a deep cleaning. There is no use trying to clean around messes especially because messes can disguise the things that really need to be tackled.

These easy ways to cut down on the time it takes to keep our house clean will save precious hours of our domestic lives. We can be sure that when our last minute guest arrives, the house isn’t in shambles. We can feel confident in our already well maintained home with a few simple steps.

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