Now that Halloween and Thanksgiving are over it’s time to take out those lovely Christmas decorations that you’ve been itching to put on display. You might want to hold out on the Christmas tree but it’s not too early to decorate the mantel. To give you a taste of what you could put together this year we’ve gathered some Christmas mantel decor ideas from Instagram and we think you’re going to like them. Home Decor

Now that’s a full mantel and just look how charming it is with all those little Christmas lights all over it. We also like the use of greenery in a not so traditional manner to create a Christmas mantel decor that stands out without being unconventional. You can follow simply2moms to find out more inspiring ideas. Home Decor

A muted color scheme and a little bit of Scandinavian-inspired charm really make this Christmas mantel decor stand out. It’s simple but not austere or too basic and makes good use of different materials, finishes and textures. The wooden beads are quirky yet simple and the hanging stockings are tastefully cozy-looking. It’s a design shared by sherylsandersdesigns. Home Decor

We also really like the snowy look on this Christmas mantel shared by velveteenandgracega. The white brick pattern creates a rustic backdrop for all the decorations, the mini Christmas trees and even the white stocking which blend in. A few bits of accent color bring out the beauty in everything. Home Decor

A few basic mantel ornaments such as candle holders, framed pictures and other similar items can be spruced up for Christmas in no time. Add some seasonal greenery, a wreath and a few Christmas-specific decorations to put together a wonderful mantel decor. Let this post from nestedsanctuary inspire you. Home Decor

Of course, we can’t forget about the Christmas lights. They really change everything and you can use them to spruce up your mantel quite nicely. Add string lights to things like garlands, wreaths and those mini Christmas trees to create a fairly tale-inspired decor. It’s easy and very effective, as shown here by 2ladiesandachair. Home Decor

The reindeer head hanging above the mantel definitely seems to be the focal point of the decor but there are also plenty of other details that stand out. For example, the red pom-poms, the star and the candy cane garlands are really cute and the subtle metallic accents on the candle holders and miniature trees add a refined and chic touch to the whole setup. Follow jordecor for more beautiful ideas. Home Decor

A green garland decorated with flowers is definitely not your typical Christmas mantel decoration but it does look quite nice here. It definitely has an elegant and refined vibe and seems like a nice fit for both traditional and modern spaces. You can definitely use this as a source of inspiration for your own Christmas mantel decor. The idea comes from kellyhopterinteriors. Home Decor

If you happen to have your TV mounted above the fireplace you can’t really put much on the mantel because then you’ll obstruct the view. Stick with some greenery and place the taller ornaments such as candles and miniature trees on the sides if there’s room. You can also hang garlands and other decorations from or under the mantel. This mantel decor shared by farmcasadecastro is a good example. Home Decor

You can keep the Christmas mantel decor minimal yet still make it look festive and stylish. The snowy garland is the centerpiece of this design shared by _claudia_5. It partially hides the Merry Christmas sign but leaves enough of it visible to still let the message through and although they’re empty the candle holders add a familiar and cozy vibe to the space. Home Decor

A stone-clad fireplace is already charming enough on its own so you don’t really need to go all out to get it ready for Christmas. Add a few green clippings, some candles and Christmas ornaments and allow the backdrop to complement the decor. You can add some battery-powered string lights if you have any. Follow alf_extraterrestrial for more lovely ideas. Home Decor

The color scheme for your Christmas mantel decor can be inspired by the design of the fireplace. We got this idea from a post made by fiddleleafinteriors. Check out this whitewashed brick fireplace and the simple yet very beautiful way in which it was decorated. The garland is definitely the focal point in this case. To get a similar look you could use fake snow in a can. Home Decor

We really like how clean and playful this Christmas mantel decor shared by houseonasugarhill looks. Everything seems to fall in place perfectly and all the different vivid colors look great against the white background. The candles also add a whimsical touch to the whole ensemble. Home Decor

That recessed space is just perfect for hanging wreaths and other decorations above the mantel. Not every fireplace is designed this way though. Of course, you can still take a similar approach regardless. This Christmas mantel decor shared by sosweetlystyled makes use os a cedar garland with blue berries and dried eucalyptus and pine cones and looks really lovely. Home Decor

We all have that set of Christmas decorations that we take out every year and they give us a nice sense of comfort. You can definitely use some to decorate your mantel this Christmas. You can have items displayed all around it but try not to add too much to the design. You can find some inspiration in this post from vaughnhillhome.

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